Tech Fair 2019

Brampton Library Tech Fair 2019

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Brampton Tech Fair Robot

Join us on Saturday, October 26th for the 2019 Brampton Tech Fair – a free event where everyone can discover current technologies and get involved in hands-on demonstrations. Learn about computer applications, robotics, drones, 3D printing, and more. Great for all ages and abilities.

Celebrate and explore a variety of technology, from drones to rapid manufacturing, from robots and household gadgets to software. Enjoy exhibitors and vendors, workshops, speakers, and activities for kids and adults. Colleges, universities, tech clubs, inventors, and businesses will all be there to show off their tech.

Over 25 exhibitors will be present representing the community of Makers, Technology Leaders, Robotics Enthusiasts, 3D Printing Pioneers, Coding and Programming Specialists, and more. will be there demonstrating and showing some of our LED lighting accessories, Arduino systems, and more. All will be available for purchase from the exhibit floor.

See the Tech Fair 2019 Guide.