Gel Cell Charger

Eacy To Build Charger and Battery Maintainer

Gel Cell Charger

As Gel Cell batteries become more common, their pricing continues to drop rapidly. As a result, experimenters can afford to have several batteries in their collection. By properly charging and maintaining your Gel Cell battery will extend its life. Consequently, over or undercharging can result in a drastically shorten a batteries life.

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The GCC01 Gel Cell Charger incorporates a highly accurate and efficient charging solution, which allows for charging 12v batteries and indefinitely maintaining the cells on a float charge. Battery packs can be left connected to the charger indefinitely without worrying about overcharging.

The GCC01 is a high-quality, double-layer, glass epoxy PC board. Solder masks and plated holes along with silk-screen labeling component positions allowing for easy assembly. Each board size is 2 1/2″ x 2″ (63.5mm x 80.8mm) and ready to fit into a project case.

User Guide and Construction Details

The GCC01 requires only a minimal number of components. Construction, technical, and schematics are available for download in PDF format.

Close-Up View of the Gel Cell Charger Board

Gel Cell Charger Bare Board

Each GCC01 is available as a bare PC board or with a full parts kit for easy home assembly. Customers can purchase a GCC01 in our webshop.