Hamvention 2020 - Outdoor Flea Market Vendors

Hamvention 2020 - Cancelled on Mar. 15, 2020

Outdoor Flea Market Vendors

Attention Flea Market and Commercial Vendors

You too can have your booth listing stand out in the online listings.

Visit our support page where we have all the details required for you to submit your information and have your free listing created.

Hamvention consists of both indoor commercial and outdoor flea market vendor locations. The indoor locations are where the larger commercial vendors set up their displays. The outdoor vendor booths contain both commercial and personal flea market sellers.

Hamvention Indoor and Outdoor Maps

Beginning in 2017, Hamvention has a new home in Xenia, Ohio. The new location houses separate buildings for the commercial vendors. 2018 sees the team taking over a previous building which was unavailable in 2017 resulting in more indoor vendor spaces.

Contacting The Hamvention Team

We receive many requests with Flea Market or Exhibitor questions. We are not affiliated with the management team and this limits our knowledge of show activities. For Hamvention questions, we encourage you to contact the dedicated Hamvention teams.

The teams can be reached at exhibits@hamvention.org for indoor exhibit questions, fleamarket@hamvention.org for questions on the flea market and tickets@hamvention.org for general ticketing inquiries.

Outdoor Flea Market List

We update the show information on a regular basis, right up until show time. Don’t forget to visit our Indoor Commercial Vendor Booth page as well.

Hamvention® Booth Assignments
(updated 03-15-2020 @ 21:53 EDT)
Vendor Contact
Company Name
9001-9006Bruce J SanderEAE Sales
EAE Sales Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca EAE Sales Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca Electronic Assembly Equipment: "Tools and supplies for the professional and serious amateur"
Bench Tools: New and used quality bench tools, magnifier lights, stereo zoom binocular and trinocular microscopes.
Soldering Equipment: Quality soldering tools make all the difference in today’s component circuitry. Upgrade your old unregulated, iron to a variable temperature, regulated, grounded tip soldering station today.
Desoldering Equipment: From wicking braid, to manual hand desoldering pumps, to various desoldering guns and stations, to hot air systems for reworking surface mount components, we have it all!
Our booths are located outside the track, right next to the grandstand
 John – VE3SVEPCBoard.ca
PCBoard.ca Banner
The PCBoard.ca team will be attending Hamvention 2020, but unfortunately, we will not have a booth this year. We invite everyone to visit our online store at www.pcboard.ca. (03-15-2020)

7054-7055PaidRichard Pestinger
7059ReservedAndy BouwmanVintage Tube Serv.
7062-7063PaidBrian Comer
7067ReservedRobert Sullivan
7068-7069ReservedWilliam Jewell
7071ReservedJames WaldronSimple Mics
7072-7074PaidSteve ZlotnickWK3SS Club
7154-7155PaidDavid AngleWA8DGG
7159-7161PaidTommy WhiteA&W Communications, Inc.
7162ReservedEric Polk
7163PaidBrian Comer
7167ReservedJohn BowersMoultrie Technologies Inc.
7168-7169ReservedWilliam Jewell
7170-7172ReservedRobert Brubaker
7177PaidAnthony Forte
7203-7205ReservedVic Maiewski
7206-7211PaidGary GrivnaTwin City DX Association
7212-7213PaidJohn Poulton
7214-7215PaidDavid Moss
7216-7217PaidNeil Friedman
7218-7219ReservedJohn Yelmgren
7220ReservedJoe Coffman
7221-7224ReservedDale BauerDelaware Amateur Radio Association – K8ES
7232ReservedJeff PenderJSE Repair
7233ReservedKelly Milligan
7234-7236ReservedJeff PenderJSE Repair
7237ReservedJack Campellone
7238-7241ReservedWilliam L Fuqua
7242PaidMichael Davis
7243PaidTom Hybiske
7244ReservedJohn Barnett
7245PaidSteven RogackiArrow Commumications
7246ReservedDavid EhehaltTelco Communications
7247-7248PaidDave Marzetti
7249ReservedSteven RogackiArrow Commumications
7250ReservedJohn Davenport
7251ReservedDave Balint
7255ReservedHoward Evans
7257ReservedMichael Westbrooks
7259-7260ReservedJames Elsener
7261-7262PaidCliff Hensley
7263-7265ReservedTim MontgomeryMETERS – KC4EM
7266ReservedBrian Comer
7267-7271PaidJames Roberts
7272PaidBruce Lundy
7273-7275ReservedJon Oas
7276ReservedJack White
7283PaidFred Mccarter
7284-7285PaidRobert Bastone
7286-7287PaidChristian Fazi
7303-7304ReservedRay DiricoCellular Wholesale.com
7305-7307ReservedAndy SeyboldAndrew Seybold, Inc.
7308-7311PaidScott Seidel
7312PaidDavid Ritchie
7313-7314ReservedJake EckardtRainbow Amateur Radio Club – WK8X
7315-7318ReservedLee Rhoden
7319ReservedBetty Hebert
7320ReservedJoe Coffman
7321-7322PaidBob Stanley
7323-7325PaidMike H GoadMammouth Cave ARC – KY4X
7331ReservedDerwin Goliver
7332PaidDonald Chester
7333-7334ReservedKelly Milligan
7335-7336ReservedEric Nelson
7337ReservedJack Campellone
7338-7341PaidDaun Yeagley
7342-7343ReservedWalter KlingerTMC Amateur Radio Club – W9TMC
7344-7345ReservedDr. T Dwaine RiddellRiddell Enterprises, Inc
7346ReservedDavid EhehaltTelco Communications
7347-7350PaidDave Marzetti
7354-7355ReservedChuck Penson
7356-7357PaidLee Craner
7358-7359PaidBilll BrownMr.
7360-7361PaidJoseph T Connett
7362-7365ReservedMarc GaidoshAndromace Enterprises LLC
7366-7367ReservedBrian Comer
7368-7372PaidJim StahlMad River Radio Club – K8MAD
7373-7375ReservedJon Oas
7376ReservedJack White
7377ReservedSteve Szombathy
7378-7384PaidDarrell Boyer
7385PaidFred Mccarter
7386ReservedGene Tonn
7387-7388ReservedScott Shaffer
7401-7402ReservedJason Zwyers
7403-7407PaidSam Nabkey
7408PaidPatrick Paris
7409-7410ReservedTerrance Marsh
7411-7413ReservedBruce Haffner
7420-7422ReservedKenneth Meacham
7423-7424ReservedJim Kamphaus
7425-7427ReservedGordon HensleyHunter Electric Co.
7430-7432PaidMark S Johnson
7433-7434ReservedMichael Parsons
7435-7445ReservedAndrew BowellYoungstown Radio Service
7446-7448PaidJoseph FaircloughRadio Club of JHS #22
7449PaidAnn BrandBarnchimps
7450-7451PaidTom Gabor
7454PaidPhilip C Janke
7455ReservedAndrew Sprow
7456-7459PaidRalph Steinberger
7460-7462ReservedPaul StrengRed Cedar ARC – N8BU
7464-7465ReservedJon LessaDirect Communications
7466ReservedBruce TannerTech-tiques
7467-7468PaidJoey DidionWest Mountain Radio
7469-7470PaidFrederic Clarke
7471-7473ReservedRex HarperQRPme
7474PaidDan Kovatch
7475-7479ReservedRichard HerrHerr Electronics
7481PaidJacob Graves
7482-7483ReservedJim Small
7490ReservedMatt Harris
7500-7501ReservedAlan Fryer
7502ReservedKenneth Ciroli
7503-7504PaidMike VolleVolle Audio Labs
7505-7507ReservedOra E SmithViewpoint Amateur Radio Club – N7VPR
7508PaidDavid Parkhill
7509ReservedVincent Formanek
7510-7511ReservedFrank D Adams
7512-7513PaidMaurice E Cahill
7520-7521ReservedLarry Wright
7522PaidPhil Flack
7523ReservedDavid TritchFlea Market Chairman
7524PaidJoseph Fitter
7525PaidMichael Petz
7526-7527PaidEric MazurMountain Electronics
7530-7531PaidMark S Johnson
7532ReservedMichael Parsons
7533ReservedWilliam SchmidtBig Signal Ranch, Inc.
7534-7535ReservedWilliam Swiger
7536-7537PaidJim PhillipsTower King
7538-7539ReservedTed Mcarthur
7540ReservedRichard Truax
7541-7542PaidMatt Gilbert
7543-7545ReservedBob BrossQueen City Emergency Net – W8VVL
7546-7547PaidJennifer McmullenSolgen Power
7548ReservedDavid TritchFlea Market Chairman
7549ReservedGeorge Benko
7550-7551ReservedJeff Emberg
7554ReservedJohn Skalski SkalskiHome
7555ReservedFarden DavidDocs Radio Shoppe
7556-7558PaidPaul AlberghiniWireless Consulting, Inc.
7560-7561ReservedBernie Walsh
7562-7565ReservedGreg Lowry
7566PaidSteve Gambrell
7567ReservedFrederic Clarke
7569-7572ReservedRobert Uiterwyk
7573-7575ReservedMike Evans
7576-7579ReservedEric Sudekum
7581PaidJacob Graves
7582PaidWilliam Robbins
7585ReservedSebastien Jean
7586-7588ReservedHenry HamblinTri State DSTAR Club – KK4BSG
7589-7591PaidTrevor Shibley
7600-7601PaidGreg Sheard
7605-7608ReservedAlex ChadisNY Communications Radio Club – KD2KAR
7609-7610PaidMark GriggsMarion Amateur Radio Club – W8GVB
7611-7612ReservedMax Grove
7613-7618ReservedLester Turner Jr
7619-7622ReservedKen AntonelliWestern Reserve Radio Club – W8WRC
7623-7627ReservedJeff Depolo
7630-7631ReservedRon RogersFour Lander`s Contest Group – W4NH
7632-7633ReservedGeorge FryerBrunswick Shores ARC – N4GM
7634-7635ReservedRex BrownRF Electronics
7637PaidWalter Dail
7638ReservedJoe Munson
7639PaidRay Fantini
7640-7642PaidRobert T Liddy
7643PaidPaul Ash
7644ReservedJulian BurkeJulian Enterprises
7645ReservedDavid TritchFlea Market Chairman
7646-7647ReservedJj Orleff
7648-7649PaidIrwin Darack
7650-7651ReservedDavid TritchFlea Market Chairman
7654ReservedCourtesy Booth Fm
7655-7657ReservedAlbert Barnett
7658-7660PaidDon Karvonen
7662-7663ReservedJames TottenBellbrook Amateur Radio Club – W8DGN
7664-7665ReservedMike Corbett
7666ReservedRichard Hassell-Bennett
7667PaidJeff Bell
7668-7669ReservedMike Cumbo
7670-7671ReservedSteve Greathouse
7672ReservedMartin Grillo
7673ReservedJerald Abrams
7674-7676PaidMichael Marx
7677-7679PaidMichael Trowbridge
7681-7684ReservedJohn WhiteBeach Trading Corporation
7686ReservedHarold Murray
7689-7691ReservedWilliam Armstrong
7701-7704PaidTom Taylor
7705-7707ReservedAlex ChadisNY Communications Radio Club – KD2KAR
7708-7710PaidMark GriggsMarion Amateur Radio Club – W8GVB
7711-7713ReservedRon OdenwaldRADAR – WR8DAR
7714-7715ReservedWilliam Klomparens
7716-7717ReservedDavid JonesD Tech Engineering LLC
7718-7720ReservedRay NickellDayton VA Radio Club – W8DVA
7721-7722PaidLee Dziekan
7723-7727ReservedJeff Depolo
7730-7731ReservedRon RogersFour Lander`s Contest Group – W4NH
7732PaidGary Wagner
7733ReservedCraig Hibbard
7734ReservedJack Magar
7735ReservedTerry Endy
7736PaidThomas Bryan
7737PaidWalter Dail
7738ReservedJoe Munson
7739PaidRay Fantini
7740-7742ReservedJohn Caldwell
7743-7745PaidMark Matthews
7747-7750ReservedGary RichardsonSan Diego Repeater Assoc. – WB6WLV
7751ReservedDavid TritchFlea Market Chairman
7754-7755PaidBernard BarinkPeKo RF Plus LLC
7756ReservedVahe Ohanian Ohanian
7757-7760ReservedBob RonkBozo Amateur Radio Fraternity – AB0ZO
7761-7762ReservedChuck Desantis
7763ReservedVahe Ohanian Ohanian
7765ReservedMike Corbett
7767-7768PaidJeff Bell
7770-7771ReservedSteve Greathouse
7772-7773ReservedMartin Grillo
7774ReservedJon Zaimes
7775ReservedJeff Forkos
7776-7777ReservedLemon JamesLemon James Inc.
7778-7780ReservedManaen Schlabach
7781ReservedPaul Radloff Radloff
7782-7783ReservedJohn WhiteBeach Trading Corporation
7784-7785ReservedChris ShalvoyRochester DX Association – W2RDX
7786-7787ReservedGary SchleiferManchester Midway LLC
7789-7790ReservedWilliam Armstrong
7803-7804ReservedJeff WeinbergHarbach Electronics
7805ReservedDavid E RobinsonMiami County ARC – W8FW
7806ReservedSteve Schendel
7807ReservedDanny GarrisGarris Radio & TV
7808-7809PaidCharles Agosti
7810ReservedAllen Hiatt
7811-7815PaidRobert Hinkle
7816ReservedLori Morris
7817ReservedJames Mcginnis
7818-7819PaidMatthew FiebigNeunundneunzig Industries
7820ReservedRichard Berris
7821-7822PaidDale Schieman
7823-7825ReservedMike BryceSunlight Energy Systems
7826-7827PaidAllen Johnson
7830-7834ReservedBen HemeetmanBen Hemeetman
7835-7838ReservedDavid Adams
7839PaidJeff Bauman
7840-7842ReservedPhillip RileyScan Shop
7843PaidCarl Lyster
7844-7845ReservedDave HegyeraAmateur Radio Legue of Wisconson
7846-7847ReservedPhilip GallowayHangar 18 Surplus
7848ReservedJohn Davis
7849PaidBruce Sidari
7850-7851ReservedDan DinkeldeinKLD Enterprises
7854-7856PaidJames Andrews
7857-7861ReservedJohn FochtRailcom
7862PaidWilliam Scott
7863-7864ReservedRichard BretholdMidwest Amateur Radio Club – W0QJ
7865-7866PaidChris AllenAllen`s Communications
7867PaidAndrew PatoGateway FM
7875ReservedStephen Daniluk
7876ReservedDavid YoutzChampaign County ARES
7877-7880ReservedRod Roberts
7882ReservedTommaso Scalcione
7885-7886PaidVictoria Marrow
7887-7888ReservedMasamichi Yamamoto
7905-7906PaidJames Karlow
7907-7908ReservedGregory Holcomb
7909-7912ReservedDr Thomas ShafferElson Amateur Radio Club – W3QAN
7913-7916ReservedBrian BiererArizona Repeater Assoc. – W7ARA
7917PaidHilton Turner
7918-7920PaidMatthew FiebigNeunundneunzig Industries
7921-7922ReservedPaul ZadoniaEagles Landing Radio Club – W8KAF
7923-7924PaidChristopher BarbbDamon DX Association – K8DXX
7925PaidJohn KelleherBFS
7926-7927PaidAllen Johnson
7930-7934ReservedBen HemeetmanBen Hemeetman
7935-7938PaidJane MytykL`Anse Creuse ARC – N8LC
7939PaidRyan Marrs
7940-7942ReservedDean LaclairGreater Adirondack Rptr. Assoc.- W2TUP
7944PaidRonald Crown
7945ReservedCharles TalbottPinnacle Concepts
7946-7947ReservedPhilip GallowayHangar 18 Surplus
7948-7949PaidVince Vielhaber
7950-7951PaidChristopher Morgan
7954-7956PaidJames Andrews
7957-7959ReservedJohn FochtRailcom
7960-7963ReservedGene T HaneyLakeshore Repeater Assoc – KR9RK
7964-7966PaidChris AllenAllen`s Communications
7967PaidAndrew PatoGateway FM
7971-7972ReservedAlex MokryckiRifles & Radios – W9RAR
7973-7975ReservedMatthew Ross
7976ReservedDavid YoutzChampaign County ARES
7977ReservedEdward PomeroySelf
7979ReservedJoe Julio
7985-7986PaidVictoria Marrow
7987ReservedTerry Shaver
8010-8011PaidLouis E Mesavage
8012-8013ReservedGary MaddenMississippi Magnolia Net
8014PaidKostadin Stojanov
8015-8016ReservedTom Perera
8017PaidBernard Capron
8018-8019PaidJeff KruthK-MEC
8020-8024ReservedWilliam Eaton
8025-8027ReservedHoward GadorusMercury Systems Corporation
8030-8032ReservedMichael Wolthuis
8033ReservedRichard Berris
8034-8037ReservedDuane Carlisle
8038-8039ReservedBlayne Marek
8040-8042ReservedThomas TamarkinNight Tech Industries LLC
8043-8045ReservedDave PenderJSE Repair
8046-8047PaidAndrew KrewUniversity of Cincinnati ARC – W8YX
8048-8051PaidMatthew BacchettaWatts Electronics Inc BIRD
8054ReservedNixon Pendergrass
8056ReservedRobert Kroll
8057ReservedDouglas Cutlip
8058-8059PaidMichael FambroughN/A
8060-8062PaidKeith FarleyI.O.O.K.
8063PaidEd Rifenbark
8066ReservedJohn Schneider
8068-8071ReservedJoseph KrajacicN9TAX Labs.
8072-8074ReservedJeff Wynegar
8075-8078ReservedMike TurkSurplus Trading Corp
8081-8083ReservedJohn HanseFilthy 5 ARC – KE8DUU
8084PaidFrederick Baker
8114-8119PaidRichard HartnettSight & Sound Entertainment
8120ReservedNick Mcdaniel
8121-8122ReservedKent BritainNorth Texas Microwave Society – W5HN
8123PaidJason DarnallWest Marshall Fire Dept
8124PaidMike Paskeuric
8125-8127ReservedHoward GadorusMercury Systems Corporation
8130-8132ReservedMichael Wolthuis
8133ReservedChong Ong
8134-8137ReservedDuane Carlisle
8139ReservedDon SkinnerSoutheast Mkt, Inc.
8140-8142ReservedThomas TamarkinNight Tech Industries LLC
8143ReservedJohn Ensley
8144-8145ReservedChuck LelandLeland Research Corp.
8146-8147ReservedMorley MannMariah
8148-8149ReservedScot Bushong
8150PaidDoug Kilner
8151ReservedEric Ernest
8155ReservedJohn Lee
8156-8157ReservedDouglas Cutlip
8158ReservedDoug Kilner
8159-8160ReservedBill FriesMuskegon Area Amateur Radio Council – W8ZHO
8161-8163PaidSean Ocallaghan
8164-8166PaidCal Merritt
8167-8169ReservedMichael Kassay
8170-8171ReservedStephen KuckTryon Amateur Radio Club – K2JJI
8172-8175ReservedJeff Wynegar
8176ReservedJason DarnallWMFD
8178ReservedMike TurkSurplus Trading Corp
8179-8181ReservedRonald Barton
8208-8211ReservedJoshua ChurchIESP
8212ReservedBernard BarinkPeKo RF Plus LLC
8213ReservedMichael Cole
8214-8216PaidRobert Tiller
8217ReservedDavid Mays
8218-8219ReservedBrian Justin
8220-8221ReservedRobert White
8222-8225ReservedKevin Berlen
8226-8230ReservedAaron Almendinger
8231ReservedRon Stahl
8232PaidFrank Sweeney
8233-8234ReservedRobert Cook
8235-8236ReservedKelly Flowers
8237-8238ReservedAl Fisher
8239-8242PaidMelvin Musulin
8243-8244PaidEric SloanPickens County Communications Group – WX4PG
8248ReservedRobert St John
8249-8250PaidRick Secrist
8251PaidMurray Allen
8252-8254PaidTed Ryan
8255PaidRick Miedema
8256ReservedPeter Stratigos
8257ReservedDennis Leak
8258ReservedLyle Laylin
8259-8266ReservedGlenn HochwaltP&R Communications
8270ReservedGerald Sitton
8271-8273PaidRobert BiekerHamTubes.com
8274ReservedSandy SamuelsSandy`s Communications
8275PaidTerence Cost
8276PaidJohn GrindelMission Radio
8277PaidWilliam TolbertHoosier DMR
8278-8280ReservedJordan Carter
8281ReservedWerner Zackschewski
8297-8300PaidRonald Spaulding
8301-8304PaidErnie Howard JrDial Radio Club – W8BLV
8309-8311PaidDean Bogucki
8312ReservedJeffrey Covelli
8313ReservedRay Stone
8314ReservedLloyd Opp
8315ReservedBrian Niederstadt
8316ReservedJeffery Teague
8317PaidGerald BarnettJerry`s
8318ReservedBruce Findley
8319PaidRick ThompsonUS Electronics
8320-8321ReservedCharles HollandCTRS
8322-8326PaidDale Gagnon
8327-8328ReservedRichard O CobbRocco Enterprises Inc
8329ReservedTed McarthurBARC
8330-8332ReservedRichard O CobbRocco Enterprises Inc
8401PaidMark Foltarz
8402ReservedDavid Feldman
8407-8409PaidJohn StanfordTork Technologies, LLC
8410-8411ReservedChristopher Ucho
8413PaidSid Lipkowitz
8414-8415ReservedDavid Jones
8418ReservedBrian Wilson
8419ReservedAlan Nordin
8421-8422PaidTim MontgomeryT & A Communications
8423-8424ReservedMike Cleary
8425-8426PaidSteve Jones
8427-8428ReservedRichard Reel
8429-8430PaidRalph PamerN8PRT Parkridge Radio Team
8431-8434ReservedChristopher Oliphant
8435-8436ReservedRick WeberOhio Packet Group – N8IRA
8437-8439PaidDale HuberMound ARA – W8DYY
8441-8442ReservedFrank SmoyerUpper Ohio Valley Digital Group
8443-8444ReservedCraig Goldbeck
8445ReservedWayne Mckenzie
8446-8448ReservedMark HinklemanAdrian Amateur Radio Club – W8TQE
8449PaidEmily Humphreys
8450-8451PaidMichael Kassay
8452-8453PaidKen Rueth
8454ReservedWerner Zackschewski
8997PaidSteve Johnston
8998PaidHap Perry
8999PaidJohn Davison
9001-9006Bruce J SanderEAE Sales
EAE Sales Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca EAE Sales Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca Electronic Assembly Equipment: "Tools and supplies for the professional and serious amateur"
Bench Tools: New and used quality bench tools, magnifier lights, stereo zoom binocular and trinocular microscopes.
Soldering Equipment: Quality soldering tools make all the difference in today’s component circuitry. Upgrade your old unregulated, iron to a variable temperature, regulated, grounded tip soldering station today.
Desoldering Equipment: From wicking braid, to manual hand desoldering pumps, to various desoldering guns and stations, to hot air systems for reworking surface mount components, we have it all!
Our booths are located outside the track, right next to the grandstand
9000PaidKarl Johnson
9010-9011Robert TywlakDIY Solar for U
DIY Solar for U Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca
We do Solar Right. Low RFI Radio Friendly, Highest Performance MPPT charge controllers. We will have product on special show pricing 50 to 750 Watt Models available. Made in USA.
9007PaidJeff Arndt
9012-9015ReservedLarry InceEdgar Communications
9016-9017ReservedChristopher Gass
9018ReservedJohn Bacon
9019PaidSteve Walters
9020-9021ReservedTerry Kovacs
9022-9023PaidRobert F Burkett
9024ReservedGeorge Donavan
9025PaidButch (Giles) Schartau
9026PaidBernard Bargfrede
9027-9029ReservedBruce & Kay ThompsonW9KAY
9032PaidRobert Watson
9033ReservedKen Ores
9034PaidDale Phillips
9035ReservedTony Schroeder
9036ReservedSteve Widdett
9037PaidDerek Hay
9038-9039PaidJim Nance
9041ReservedSegon Jang
9042ReservedJoe Sluz
9044Mike MarchMarch Magnetic Paddles
March Magnetic Paddles Hamvention Listing March Magnetic Paddles Listing I have been producing March Magnetic Paddles for over 30 years. The magnetic design has proven itself to be smooth and reliable. Brass, German-silver, ebony and acrylic are used in the crafting of a key that will last a lifetime. Please stop by my Hamvention booth or go to my website for more information.
9043ReservedJae Himes
9045PaidMarion Miller
9046PaidJames R Sjoberg Jr
9048-9049ReservedJames LancasterButler County VHF Assn. – W8CCI
9050PaidMary Holtschneider
9051ReservedGlenn Baumgartnernone
9052ReservedGeorge H Rancourt
9053PaidGerald BarnettJerry`s
9054PaidMark Parmley
9055PaidRoger Rehr
9056-9057PaidDennis JakubisinNorthern Ohio DX Assoc. – W8DXA
9058-9059PaidMary Michaelis
9060ReservedGlen Cooper
9061-9063PaidEdward Parish
9066PaidWilliam Ribish
9066, 9066, 9066ReservedDavid TritchFlea Market Chairman
9067-9068PaidWilliam Ribish
9069ReservedDale Cohen
9071-9072PaidJohn Clements
9073-9075ReservedTerry PriceDirective Systems and Engineering
9101ReservedIra MoserMECO
9102PaidBruce A Lordi
9103-9104ReservedMark SpradlinBrush Creek Radio Club
9105ReservedSteven KooglerDrake ARC – W8CYE
9106-9107ReservedLee KermodeK8MMM Radio Club
9108-9109ReservedDavid ArcherPaxton Communications Engineering – W8PCE
9110-9111ReservedMike ArcherPhoneton Station Contesters – W8PR
9112-9117PaidScott ColeTower Electronics
9118PaidDonald Fox
9119-9124ReservedMichael Fisher
9201-9202ReservedIra MoserMECO
9203-9204ReservedMark SpradlinBrush Creek Radio Club
9205ReservedSteven KooglerDrake ARC – W8CYE
9206-9207ReservedLee KermodeK8MMM Radio Club
9208-9209ReservedDavid ArcherPaxton Communications Engineering – W8PCE
9210-9211ReservedMike ArcherPhoneton Station Contesters – W8PR
9212-9217PaidScott ColeTower Electronics
9218PaidDonald Fox
9219-9220ReservedJames Roseman
9221ReservedKenneth Parker
9225ReservedJohn LewisTri State Escrap
9321-9322ReservedLawrence PuljicLP Sound
9323-9324PaidGeorge AndersonTubelab Inc.
9325-9326ReservedBob Straley
9327ReservedDilovan Perwer
9328ReservedWilliam CusaTech Systems
9331ReservedRichard Benedict
9332ReservedJerzy George Kowalczyk
9333-9337ReservedJames KreuzerPlay Things of Past
9338-9339PaidRichard Evans
9340-9342ReservedRussell ApgarNortheast Amateur Radio Club – KC1DFS
9343PaidWayne Pecena
9344ReservedDon Singerhouse
9345-9346ReservedDean MckinleyNewcastle 2-Way
9401PaidRandy Schaaf
9402-9403PaidPaul Kluwe
9421ReservedKen NieseESL Surplus
9422ReservedSteve Thomason
9423-9424ReservedMike Compton
9425-9426PaidAlvin Norris
9427-9428ReservedWilliam CusaTech Systems
9431-9438ReservedLarry DannaAshton Radio Communications Society
9439PaidTim O’Rourke
9440-9442PaidLevi LuckenbaughIndustrial Alchemy
9443PaidStephen White
9444-9445PaidThomas AbellCreative Ideaotics
9446ReservedHarold Macfarlane
9501-9504ReservedLarry DannaAshton Radio Communications Society
9505-9506PaidKenneth Mcartney
9507PaidJim SheldenSweetgrass Engineering
9508-9509ReservedKevin WalshCentral Ohio Digital Interconnect Group
9510PaidDavid Lester
9511PaidRoger Given
9512-9513PaidDonald WhitemanNorth Shore Radio Club – NS9RC
9514-9517ReservedRick StealeyWailua Amateur Radio Assoc. – KH6NN
9518ReservedJerry Haislip
9519-9520ReservedGary MorganSouth Lyon ARC – N8SL
9521ReservedMacy Hallock
9522-9525ReservedWilliam PerryWilliam Perry Co
9526-9528PaidBarry Buelow
9529PaidDwight AussiekerAussieker Custom
9530PaidCraig KesslerOhio Valley Experimeter`s Club – KD8LBS
9531-9532PaidSteve Schuck
9533-9534PaidKenneth Talbott
9535-9536ReservedChris Radicke
9537-9541PaidMichael BirdHigh Noon Trading Co.
9542ReservedEarl Gray
9545ReservedAndy Demland
9546-9547PaidMichael P Sercer
9601-9604ReservedLarry DannaAshton Radio Communications Society
9605ReservedMarty Ray
9606ReservedMelvin LomaxM&G Electronic
9607-9613ReservedEmil Devcic
9614-9618ReservedJohn BaranoskyGo Vertical USA
9619ReservedDaniel Guernsey
9620ReservedJerry Haislip
9621-9624ReservedJoe Kahler
9625-9628ReservedJoseph SchottCherryland Amateur Radio Club – W8TCM
9629PaidDwight AussiekerAussieker Custom
9630PaidCraig KesslerOhio Valley Experimeter`s Club – KD8LBS
9631ReservedJim Branstetter
9632-9634PaidAndy CorbinGoat Mtn Radio Assoc – W5CUI
9635PaidJohn Mathis
9643PaidMichael Corbett
9644-9646ReservedNicholas HyerPurdue University ARC – W9YB
9647PaidDoug SippleRadio Amatuers of Corry – W3YXE
9701-9703PaidEllwood E BremCentre Communications Inc.
9704PaidAnthony Luscre
9705PaidJimmy Sorrells
9706-9707ReservedConstance Kelly
9708ReservedJennifer Rojowski
9709-9710ReservedGerald KesslerCommunications Transmission LLC
9711-9713ReservedCharles Scott
9714PaidMichael Kosch
9715-9716ReservedJan Surber
9717-9719PaidBryan Dunn
9720ReservedJames Millsap
9721-9722ReservedDavid Pelaez
9723ReservedRod Landers
9724ReservedColeen – Chuck Robideaux
9725-9726PaidJohn Slough
9727-9728PaidJohn Shingara
9728, 9728ReservedJames CessnaAirwaves
9729-9730PaidDanny Taylor
9731ReservedSteven DeinesAlpha Antenna
9731ReservedJohn PerlickAria Corporation
9750-9753PaidWillaim KlepserNiagara Frontier Radiosport – NF2RS
9754ReservedJim Bergman
9755-9757ReservedRichard L Wood
9758ReservedWayne Baur
9759ReservedMitch SternHam Radio Class
9760 9761 9762ReservedThomas Ford
Total Booth Count: 1371
(Booths Paid and Reserved: 465     Booths Reserved: 811     Booths Open: 92     Unique Vendors: 586 )