Hamvention 2016 – Commercial Vendors

Indoor Commercial Vendors

Hamvention consists of both indoor commercial and outdoor flea market vendor locations. The indoor locations are where the larger commercial vendors set up their displays. The outdoor vendor booths contain both commercial and personal flea market sellers.

Hamvention Indoor and Outdoor Maps

Beginning in 2017, Hamvention has a new home in Xenia, Ohio. The new location houses separate buildings for the commercial vendors. 2018 sees the team taking over a previous building that was unavailable in 2017 resulting in more indoor vendor spaces.

Contacting The Hamvention Team

We receive many requests with Flea Market or Exhibitor questions. We are not affiliated with the management team and this limits our knowledge of show activities. For Hamvention questions, we encourage you to contact the dedicated Hamvention teams.

The teams can be reached at exhibits@hamvention.org for indoor exhibit questions, fleamarket@hamvention.org for questions on the flea market, and tickets@hamvention.org for general ticketing inquiries.

Indoor Commercial Vendor List

We update the show information on a regular basis, right up until showtime. Don’t forget to visit our Outdoor Flea Market Booth Assignment page as well.

Hamvention® 2016 Booth Assignments
(updated May 19, 2016)
HA=Main Hara Arena  -  NH=North Hall  -  AA=Audio Arena (AA)
SA=Silver Arena
  -  BA=Ball Arena  -  EH=East Hall
Vendor Company Booth Number Registration Status Vendor Name
Booths Available For
Immediate Booking
AA0096 AA0097 AA0098 AA0099 BA0459 EH0518 EH0520 EH0556 EH0557 EH0558 EH0559 EH0560 EH0561 EH0576 EH0626 EH0627 EH0656 NH0171 NH0189 NH0216 NH0246 NH0257 NH0258 NH0259 SA0361
10-10 International Net, Inc. BA0409 Paid Mel Sojka
ten tec logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionWHAT IS 10-10 ? Ten-Ten International Net, or 10-10 for short, is an organization of amateur radio operators dedicated to maintaining high levels of amateur radio communications on the 10-meter amateur band (28.0-29.7 MHz). Established in 1962, 10-10 has grown continuously since that day, with some ups and downs according to the numbers of sunspots and the openness of the band. As you read this, the number of 10-10 numbers issued to members is over 76,000. 10-10 would welcome your membership in the organization if you have an amateur radio license with 10-meter privileges.
10-10 is a volunteer organization with no paid officers. Although 10-10 does contract for certain services to ensure that each member receives his or her quarterly issue of 10-10 News, the 30+ page journal of 10-10 activities, the real work of providing services for members falls on the shoulders of dedicated volunteers.
ABR Industries LLC HA0075 Paid  
abr logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamventionabr logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionBuy With Confidence: ABR industries manufacturers all assemblies in our Houston facility, guaranteeing quality control from start to finish. Being a critical component of your system or station, it is important to know where and how your coax cable assemblies are built.
What you get with our products: Non-Contaminating, Ultra-Violet Resistant and Direct Burial Black Jacket, Each termination is finished with Weatherproof Adhesive Lined Polyolefin HST, Assemblies are coded with Cable Type, Length, Connector Type, and Lot Number, Personalize your cables w/Identifying Heat Shrink Tubing. (On-line only), Easy to Read Product Details.
AlexLoop HA0027 Paid
Alexandre Grimberg, PY1AHD
AlexLoop Logo on PCBoard.caALEXLOOP is an ultra light portable Magnetic Loop Antenna designed by PY1AHD Alexandre Grimberg , over 12 years of intense work. PY1AHD ALEX is a 66 years old ham fascinated by QRP Portable Operation that is very proud to have his successful design approved by thousands of Hams all over the world. The ALEXLOOP antennas are carefully handcrafted by PY1AHD ALEX from the first screw to the final test.
ALINCO / REMTronix. Inc. HA0054 HA0055 Paid Raj Gounder
AM Radio SA0351 Paid Cliff Sowka
AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corp) BA0433 BA0434 BA0435
BA0444 BA0445 BA0446
Paid Steve Belter, N9IP
amsat logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionHear the latest on the *five* Fox satellites and the geosynchronous rideshare opportunity. Receive special premiums when you join or renew your AMSAT membership at Dayton. Get one-on-one guidance on setting up your satellite station and making contacts at our "Beginner's Corner". Witness live demonstrations of contacts through satellites AO-7, FO-29, SO-50, AO-73, AO-79 and AO-85 using handheld antennas. Get satellite station and operating tips from some of the best satellite operators in the country.
AN Wireless Towers HA0028 HA0029 Paid Daniel Simmonds
AOR USA, Inc. BA0478 Paid Melissa Reinhardt
Air Chair EH0577 EH0578 Paid Bob Hanna
Airspy.US NH0265 Paid
Airspy.US logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionAirspy.US is a supplier of high quality SDR receivers including the highly acclaimed Airspy SDR, Spyverter, and the new Airspy Mini dongle. We also carry connectors, cables, antennas, filter/preamps, GPS Disciplined Oscillators AKA GPSDO (taking pre-orders), and other related SDR accessories. Come visit our booth to see innovative uses for SDR including digital voice/data decoding, FULL spectrum analysis, and even duplexer and filter tuning. We will also be unveiling some new accessories never before announced!
Alfa Radio Ltd NH0193 NH0205 Paid J T Mitchell
ALGORAM HA0076 HA0077 Paid Bruce Perens K6BP, +1-510-4PERENS
algoram logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionALGORAM is producing Whitebox, the HT of the Future, a handheld SDR with an open platform for applications. We'll also be displaying FreeDV, the Free and Open Source HF digital voice system that fits in 1.2 kHz bandwidth, half that of SSB! Come by to see where the innovation is happening in Amateur Radio.
Alpha Amplifier \ Dishtronix \ Emtron \ Ten-Tec EH0548 EH0549 EH0550 Paid Mike Dishop
Alpha Antenna HA0011 HA0012 HA0013 Paid Steve Deines
Alpha Antenna logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamvention
Amateur Television Network NH0236 Paid David J Stepnowski
American Morse Equipment BA0486 Paid Douglas Hauff
American Radio Relay League BA4000 Paid Petrilli Diane
Ameritron HA0081 HA0082 Paid Steven Pan
Andromace Enterprises NH0217 NH0218 NH0229 NH0230 NH0231 Paid Marc Gaidosh
Apache Labs AA0114 AA0115 Paid Jeff Sinclair
Array Solutions EH0606 EH0607 EH0608 EH0613 EH0614 EH0615 EH0620 EH0621 EH0622 Paid Jim Martin
Arrow Antenna BA0442 Paid Tim Chapman
Auburn Metrology Lab SA0322 Paid Keith Moody
Aventrade NH0199 Paid Alex Gong
BHI Ltd BA0419 Paid Graham Somerville
BCR FM logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionMaker of the BCR FM repeater system for 2m, 70cm, and now 220 operation.Rather than continuing to repair the old one or need new service, consider a new BCR Repeater. It's the the perfect solution for your club. A great choice for A.R.E.S. and R.A.C.E.S. applications where emergency management and storm spotters needreliability. 2-yr warranty.
Stop by our booth for trade show specials.
Bad Dog Tools NH0131 Paid Ann Strong
Batteries America NH0121 NH0122 NH0127 Paid Mary E. Yost
Begali Keys BA0466 BA0467 BA0473 BA0474 Paid The Begali Team
Begali Keys logo logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamvention Pietro Begali produces some of the worlds finest electro-mechanical precision components along with their exclusive line of fine keys and paddles for the ham community. Stop in and visit with them at the show or visit them online at www.i2rtf.com.
Bird Technologies Group / TX RX Systems BA0413 BA0414 Paid Daun Puck
Bonito - Radiocom - Computer International HA0046 Paid Cord Schuette
Buckmaster Publishing SA0333 Paid Jack Speer
Buddipole HA0016 HA0017 Paid Chris Drummond
Byonics NH0223 Paid Byon Garrabrant
CG Antenna EH0658 Paid Fons Wang
CQ Communications, Inc. HA0074 Paid Kherwieder Dottie
CW Operator`s Club BA0443 Paid Don Greenbaum
Cable X-Perts Inc. EH0542 Paid Nicholas Cosmano
Capitol Electronics, Inc EH0585 Paid Chris Bricklebank
Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship (CARF) NH0213 Paid Brian Linn
OMISS (Old Mans International Sideband Society) BA0441 Paid Dal, W4YQY
OMISS logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionOMISS, or "Old Man International Sideband Society," has been operating list-type awards nets on the General Amateur bands since 1981. Want to get your WAS quickly? This is a great place to get it done. Do you like to work lots of stations for unique awards? We have several challenging awards to work for, each with an attractive certificate to hang on your wall. Do you like contesting? We hold an annual QSO Party and invite the whole Amateur community.
Coaxial Dynamics BA0401 Paid Joe Kluha
Collins Collectors Association EH0508 EH0509 Paid Scott Kerr
Comet Antenna / Daiwa Meters HA0056 HA0057 HA0058 Paid Mick Stwertnik
Connect Systems Inc. BA0437 Paid Jerry Wanger
Courage Kenny Handiham Program SA0330 Paid John Hoenshell
Cushcraft Amateur Radio Antennas HA0014 HA0015 Paid Steven Pan
DMR-MARC BA0449 Paid Bill Barber
DVMEGA EH0519 Paid Guus Van Dooren
DX Engineering BA0488 HA0000 HA0001 HA0002 HA0003 HA0004 HA0005 HA0006 HA0007 Paid Steve Hannah
DZKit NH0220 NH0221 NH0232 NH0233 Paid Brian Wood
DZKIT logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamvention DZKit Is Bringing Back The Tradition And Fun Of Building Complex Kits
Dayton Skywarn T2 Paid Louis Long
Debco Electronics NH0132 NH0133 NH0134 NH0135 Paid Tom Case
Diamond Antenna BA0477 SA0364 SA0365 Paid Merit Arnold
Digital Solutions EH0628 Paid Mike Skaggs
Dollar Dude NH0179 NH0180 NH0191 NH0192 Paid Dave Hinsey
ELAD USA INC EH0510 Paid Franco Milan
EZ Hang Inc. EH0553 Paid Dennis Currence
EZ-Products EH0571 Paid Don Wilke
EZNEC Antenna Software EH0514 Paid Roy Lewallen
Ears To Our World SA0359 Paid Thomas Witherspoon, K4SWL
Ears To Our World Logo logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionEars To Our World is a radio-based non-profit organization that believes access to information means access to education in remote, impoverished parts of our world. ETOW distributes a wide variety of simple, appropriate technologies to classrooms and communities in the 3rd world. This year, ETOW will have our HumanaLight kits--a flashlight kit that runs on dead batteries (featured on HamNation)--free with any donation of $15 or more for our mission.
Elecraft, Inc. NH0181 NH0182 NH0183 NH0184 Paid Madelyn Gomez
Electronic Associates NH0202 NH0214 Paid John Catterall
Escitec EH0536 Paid Feng Yang
Expert Linears America, LLC. BA0447 BA0458 Paid Bob Hardie W5UQ
expert linears logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamvention SPE Expert Linears Distributor for Western Hemisphere
Sales & Service Expert Linears (AKA Expert Amplifiers) 1K-FA, 2K-FA and 1.3K-FA.
Main Trading Company NH0196 NH0197 NH0198
NH0208 NH0209 NH0210 NH0261
Fists CW Club NH0136 Paid Dennis Franklin
Flexradio Systems SA0312 SA0313 SA0314 SA0323 SA0324 SA0325 Paid Lori Hicks
flex radio logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamvention
Follrod Sales EH0629 EH0643 EH0645 Paid Joe Follrod
Forbidden Knowledge EH0652 Paid Craig Douglas
Force 12 / InnovAntennas America SA0340 SA0341 Paid William Hein
Foundation for Amateur Intl Radio Service BA0412 Paid David Larsen
Futronics NH0222 Paid Mike Gruss
GAP Antenna Products, Inc. HA0030 Paid Chris Lane
Gemmagic EH0541 Paid Tana Rhodes
Geochron EH0657 Paid Patrick Bolan
Gifts 4 HAMS / Kelly Laser Works NH0255 NH0256 Paid Tom Kelly
Global TSCM Group, Inc. NH0204 Paid Gyo Seung An
Gold Medal Ideas NH0116 NH0117 NH0118 NH0119 Paid Ron Kritzman
gold medal ideas logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamventiongold medal ideas logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionCallsign and radio themed shirts, jackets, hats and name badges.
Grace Technology SA0360 Paid Terry Mijal
Great Scott Gadgets NH0234 Paid Michael Ossmann
Green Heron Engineering EH0530 EH0531 Paid Jeffery Ach
HEIL SOUND LTD AA0101 AA0102 AA0103 AA0104 AA0105 Paid Bob Heil
Ham Nation AA0106 Paid Bob Heil
Ham Radio Class HA0100 Paid Mitch Stern
Ham Radio Deluxe / W4PC Software AA0100 AA0108 Paid Rick Ruhl
Ham Radio Outlet - HRO HA0020 HA0021 HA0022 HA0023 Paid Luke Rohn
HRO Logo logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamvention
Ham World, Inc. HA0049 Paid J. T. Malone
Hamsource EH0544 EH0545 EH0546 Paid John Kalotai
Helical Communication Technologies EH0630 EH0631 Paid Savatore Bologna
Heritech Larm Partner AB NH0237 Paid Hakan Eriksson
HobbyPCB NH0164 Paid Curtis Pope
Hy-Gain HA0024 HA0025 HA0026 Paid Steven Pan
Hytech Marketing EH0527 EH0528 EH0539 Paid Susan Molnar
ICOM America, Inc. HA0008 HA0009 HA0010 HA0033 HA0034 HA0035 HA0036 HA0037 Paid Jesse Skipton
Import Communications NH0175 NH0176 Paid Ed Griffin
Information Radio 1660 BA0457 Paid Norm Schrein
information radio logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionInformation Radio: Visit our streaming audio at http://www.1610.info/
Infratech SA0303 Paid Allan Riggs
JJ Surplus BA0411 Paid Jon Costein
JK Antennas EH0566 EH0567 EH0572 EH0773 Paid Ken Garg
jk antennas logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionJK Antennas can meet your needs with a wide range of high-quality HF antennas, including Monoband, Dualband and Multiband Yagis, operating on frequencies from 6M to 80M. What makes us different? We design and build the antennas that we would want to use, with the highest quality materials, heavy duty design calculated to withstand powerful winds and heavy icing, and which are tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Our antennas are 100% manufactured in the USA.
JT Communications NH0187 Paid Jim Trapani
JVC Kenwood HA0050 HA0051 HA0052 HA0053 HA0070 HA0071 HA0072 HA0073 Paid Rebecca Hinton
Jericho Prints BA0430 Paid Janet Boehm
Jetstream HA0059 HA0060 HA0061 Paid Roger Smallwood
Jäger EDV & Dienstleistungen SA0317 Paid Jaeger Bodo
KB3IFH QSL Cards NH0190 Paid Randy KB3IFH
KB3IFH QSL Cards logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionQuality QSL & Eyeball Cards
Visit my website at http://kb3ifh.homestead.com or call me at 410-440-0282. See you at Dayton. We're in the North Hall this year at NH0190. Stop by and say hello!
KJI Electronics SA0362 Paid Merit Arnold
Kent Morse Keys BA0440 Paid Robert Kent
Kent Morse Keys on PCBoard.caKent Morse Keys have an international reputation for the manufacture of twin-lever, single-lever and straight Morse keys, all in traditional brass. Our precision engineering delivers high quality keys at realistic prices. Morse code enthusiasts from around the world are proud to be owners of Kent Keys. Try one for yourself. If you are serious about CW, be serious when choosing your key.
Klean Gutters Midwest BA0408 Paid Ron Durham
LS&M NH0120 Paid Robert Murray
LUSO Super-Techno EH5000 Paid Kazue Shimoda
LeafFilter North, Inc. EH0624 Paid James Martinez
Libre Space Foundation NH0212 Paid Pierros Papadeas
Lido Mounts EH0575 Paid Jim Newcomb
Linux in the Ham Shack EH0625 Paid Russ Woodman
Little Giant Ladder System NH0262 Paid Meggan Spadafora
LnR Precision, Inc NH0206 NH0207 Paid Larry Draughn
Lunar-Link International NH0201 Paid Steven Simons
M2 Antenna Systems, Inc. EH0650 EH0651 Paid Wyatt Lyzenga
MARAC BA0407 Paid Kerry Long
MARCO - Medical Amateur Radio Council BA0448 Paid Marcia Loghner
MARS, Combined MARS SA0318 SA0319 Paid Paul English
MCM Electronics, Inc. SA0307 SA0308 SA0309 SA0310 SA0311 Paid Jay Wimsatt
MFJ Enterprises Inc HA0062 HA0063 HA0064 HA0065 HA0066 HA0067 HA0083 HA0084 HA0085 Paid Steven Pan
Main Trading Company T4 Paid Richard Lenoir
Mark Enterprises, Inc. NH0203 NH0215 Paid Mark Hyman
Mastrant EH0543 Paid Martin Huml
Messi & Paoloni srl SA0352 SA0353 Paid Messi Stefano
Miami Valley Mesh Alliance EH0659 Paid William Curtice
Michigan QRP NH0242 Paid Ii Stan Arnett
Micro-Node International NH0224 Paid Mark Guibord
MicroLog by WA0H SA0339 Paid Jerry Gentry
Midwest VHF/UHF Society SA0332 Paid Tom Holmes
Millner-Haufen Tool Company NH0200 Paid Garren Katz
Mini-Circuits BA0482 Paid Ilamcheran Alvapillai
Mirage/Vectronics HA0080 Paid Steven Pan
N3BB Publishing NH0227 Paid James George
N3ZN Keys BA0422 BA0423 BA0424 Paid Tony N3ZN
N3ZN logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionThis is my line of custom high end iambic & single lever paddles and keys, N3ZN Keys - ZN series. Incorporating old school looks with new school technology, they feature ball bearing movement, magnetic lever return,solid silver contact points and quick adjusting fine thread stainless steel contact and magnet screws. Along with short lightweight aluminum lever arms and the correct geometry, these paddles offer an excellent and responsive feel, making QRQ (or QRS and anything in between) operation effortless.
NN4ZZ TiltPlate EH0554 Paid Al Ludwick
NN4ZZ TiltPlate logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionOur products, the TiltPlate, QuadLock and HexLock are designed to allow antenna maintenance from the ground.
Expert Electronics (Russia) EH0525 EH0526 Paid Yuri Sushkin
NSI logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionMB-1 and SunSDR2-Pro SDR amateur transceivers
NW Digital Radio EH0515 Paid  
NW Digital Radio logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionNW Digital Radio manufactures products that put the 'Amateur back in Amateur Radio'. Come by and meet the team behind the UDRX-440 digital radio, ThumbDV™, DV3000, and UDRC.
National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting NH0244 Paid Dave Wickelhaus
National Weather Service SA0320 Paid Brandon Peloquin
Natl Federation of the Blind & The Unseen Bean SA0305 Paid Gerry Leary
New-Tronics HA0031 HA0032 Paid Michael Boyer
Northern California DX Foundation BA0483 Paid Don Greenbaum
Nuts & Volts / Servo Magazine HA0045 Paid John Lemieux
Nuts About Nets / Seeed Technology SA0342 SA0343 Paid Steve Leytus
Ohio Area Repeater Council BA0404 Paid Jim Kvochick
Old Old Timers Club NH0228 Paid Phillip Sager
Orbital Media Networks NH0241 Paid Mike, Sam, or Jonathon
Orbital Media Networks logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionOrbital Media Networks, based in Englewood, Colorado, specializes in satellite communications. We operate our own teleport with media distribution platforms on C-band and Ku-band, as well as a full-duplex IP VSAT network on Ku-band.
Our VSAT network is primarily used by businesses, first responders, and governmental agencies for reliable IP communications over http, SIP, VPN. Employee owned.
Palstar Inc. EH0583 EH0584 Paid Paul Hrivnak
Peet Bros. Company, Inc. NH0151 NH0152 NH0153 Paid Linda Schultz
Portable Rotation EH0529 Paid William Waters Iii
PreciseRF NH0169 NH0170 Paid Roger Stenbock
Pro Audio Engineering NH0195 Paid Howard Hoyt
Protobuildbar.com NH0253 Paid Alex Todd
QRP - ARCI NH0243 Paid Jack Nelson
QRP Works NH0194 Paid Stephen Silverman
QSK, LLC SA0331 Paid Robert Gunnels
QSO Radio Show BA0403 Paid Ted Randall
Qatar Amateur Radio Society BA0415 BA0416 Paid Al Jassim Sabaan
Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) SA0328 Paid
President, Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
Quarter Century Wireless Logo on PCBoard.caWere you first licensed before 1992? If you were first licensed more than 25 years ago, and are currently licensed today, you are eligible to join the Quarter Century Wireless Association. This is 'QCWA Today', and there are many new exciting benefits in belonging to QCWA. We also offer a monthly digital eJournal with high resolution color pictures and hyper links. See what we are all about at www.qcwa.org. We will be presenting a forum in Room 3, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, on Saturday, May 21.
Quicksilver Radio Products BA0460 BA0462 BA0463 BA0464 BA0465 BA0469 BA0470 BA0471 BA0472 Paid John Bee
R & L Electronics HA0038 HA0039 HA0040 HA0041 HA0042 HA0043 Paid Roger Smallwood
R.A.I.N. Report / Gateway 160M Radio Newsletter SA0329 Paid Hap Holly
RF Parts SA0363 Paid Merit Arnold
RIGOL / TEQUIPMENT.NET EH0511 EH0512 EH0513 Paid Chris Armstrong
RM Italy & Sirio Antenna EH0641 EH0642 Paid Frank Wang
Electronics Technicians Association International BA04429 Paid
ETA International logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamvention
RT Systems NH0247 NH0248 Paid Karin Thompson
Rabbit Laser USA EH0501 EH0502 Paid Raymond L Scott
Radio Amateur Callbook (ITFM) HA0047 HA0048 Paid Thomas Gudehus
Radio Amateurs of Canada BA0436 Paid Geoffrey Bawden
Radio City EH0537 EH0538 Paid Daniel Fish
Radio Club of America NH0225 NH0226 Paid Stan Reubenstein
Radio Works, Inc. BA0431 BA0432 Paid Jim Thompson
RadioWavz EH0551 EH0563 Paid Rochelle Hohensee
Rescue Tape NH0266 Paid Robert Laakkonen
Rig Expert BA0456 Paid Yuri Onipko
rig expert logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamvention
Rohn Products, LLC NH0123 NH0124 NH0125 NH0126 Paid Cody Westermann
Straight KEY Century Club (SKCC) NH0254 Paid Ron Bower, AC2C (AC2C@SKCCgroup.com)
Straight Key Century Club logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamvention Formed in January of 2006 to promote the use of Straight Key CW and to keep the spirit of Straight Key Night alive throughout the year. The Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) is the fastest growing group of mechanical-key CW operators in the world. Membership is free and open to any interested licensed radio amateur. The club has grown rapidly to include over 14,000 members from all corners of the globe.
SSB Electronic USA EH0540 Paid Gerry Rodski
Scanner Master Corp. BA0402 Paid Richard Barnett
Scootaround Inc EH5010 Paid Sue Kelly
Select Computer Resources BA0484 Paid Erik Rivera
Sierra Radio Systems BA0406 Paid  
sierra radio systems logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamvention
Siglent Technologies USA, Inc EH0504 EH0505 Paid Steve Barfield
Sign Man of Baton Rouge EH0568 EH0569 Paid Rick Pourciau
Sign Man of Ohio NH0219 Paid Ron Kennedy
Sinbad Glue BA0438 Paid Cynthia Maffeo
Society of Amatuer Radio Astronomers / Radio JOVE BA0420 BA0421 Paid Melinda Lord
Solar24 NH0129 Paid James Wolter
SteppIR Antennas Systems HA0068 HA0069 HA0078 HA0079 Paid Adam Blackmer
Suspender Man BA0479 BA0480 Paid Bob Coulbourne
TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio) BA0451 BA0452 BA0453 BA0454 Paid John Koster
TOP-BEAM SYSTEMS INC EH0653 EH0654 EH0655 Paid Jose Carlos Marques Dasilva
Tarheel Antennas NH0157 NH0158 NH0159 Paid Gaylen Pearson
Tech Exchance LLC EH0564 EH0570 Paid Abe Sheikh
Tech-Bond Solutions NH0240 Paid Donald Meyers
Telepost Inc. - N8LP EH0516 EH0517 Paid Larry Phipps
Cubex Quad Antennas / Tennadyne Log Antennas EH0552 Paid  
cubex  logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionCUBEX provides the very best in electrical and mechanical design in performance with our cubical quad antennas. We are currently the only manufacturer offering a choice of our premium MK SERIES, PRE-TUNED QUADS, the "do-it-yourself" SKYMASTER KITS Series, VHF, UHF and 40 Meter Quads.    tennadyne logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionTENNADYNE has been providing the world with Log Periodic Antennas for over 25 years. The Log Periodic Antenna is the most effective and efficient single feedline, multi-band antenna available today. Models range from 10-50 MHZ. New to our line is our Broadbanded Folded Terminated Dipole Wire Antennas; models range from 1.8-30 MHz with power ratings up through 3000W SSB 1000W AM/CW/RTTY.
Tennessee Equipment Supply, INC EH0648 EH0649 Paid Kelly Henke
The American Legion National Headquarters NH0245 Paid William Sloan
The Competition NH0263 NH0264 Paid Dan Merila
The R.F. Connection NH0154 NH0155 NH0156 Paid Joel Knoblock
The Whistler Group HA0044 Paid Amanda Cupp
The Wireman, Inc. NH0160 NH0161 NH0162 NH0163 Paid Deborah Atkins
Thrive Life Foods NH0128 Paid Holly Cooley
Timewave Technology, Inc. AA0109 Paid Randall Gawtry
Total Mast Solutions EH0623 EH0632 Paid Simon Bourne
Totally Unique Enterprise BA0410 Paid Kim Paxton
Tower Electronics NH0173 NH0174 NH0185 NH0186 Paid Scott Cole
Transel Corporation SA0315 SA0326 Paid Darrell Mckinney
UPS Store NH0165 NH0166 Paid Scott Mowbray
US Postal Service / Dayton Stamp Club EH0503 Paid Howard Smith
US Tower Corp. HA0018 HA0019 PL0001 Paid Vicky Contreras
Uncommon USA Inc. EH0565 Paid Liz Balman
Universal Radio, Inc. EH0506 EH0507 Paid Fred Osterman
Vibroplex NH0250 NH0251 NH0252 Paid Scott Robbins
W2IHY Technologies AA0110 AA0111 AA0112 AA0113 Paid Julius Jones
W5KUB.COM - Web Broadcaster SA301 SA0302 Paid Tom Medlin
w5kub logo at PCBoard.ca for Hamventionw5kub wheelock at PCBoard.ca for HamventionW5KUB.COM will be back again this year webcasting the entire hamvention. We have viewers in over 150 countries. We will show vendors, have special guests, and we will also give out prizes to our viewers. W5KUB.COM gives out approx $10,000 in prizes each year to our viewers. This year Astronaut Col. Douglas Wheelock will be back with us as our cohost for the show on Friday and Saturday. Come by and say hello and get your picture, and/or autograph.
W5YI Group-Gordon West Radio School SA0344 SA0355 Paid Larry Pollock
WA8JBT NH0130 Paid Bob Gardner
WRTC 2018 e.V. T3 Paid Christian Janssen
Webster Communications Inc. BA0425 BA0426 BA0427 Paid Roger Webster
West Mountain Radio EH0579 EH0580 EH0581 EH0582 Paid Joey Didion
Western Case Company NH0249 Paid Kathryn Kauffman
Wild Sage Native American Jewelry EH0562 Paid Paul & Natalie Mitchell
Wireless Holdings NH0172 Paid Ulrich Altvater
Young Ladies' Radio League BA0481 Paid Anne WB1ARU
ylrl logo at PCBoard.ca for HamventionStop at Booth 481 to meet us and learn more about our revitalized and growing group! We're at a new location this year near ARRL in Ball Arena. Young Ladies' Radio League has been uniting YLs around the world for over 75 years on all bands and modes with nets, contests, awards, conventions and meets.
For more information go to www.ylrl.org

Yaesu - Vertex Standard EH0521 EH0522 EH0523 EH0524 EH0532 EH0533 EH0534 EH0535 EH0547 EH0586 EH0587 EH0588 Paid Dennis Motschenbacher
Youth DX Adventure SA0304 Paid Donald J. Dubon
iPortable BA0455 Paid Mark Mantia
origami owl NH0188 Paid Anna Trapani
Aventas / Winradio EH0640 EH0644 Reserved and Unpaid Jim Bentley
Davey Holdings LLC BA0418 Reserved and Unpaid Dave Wallace Ii
Davis Instruments NH0238 NH0239 Reserved and Unpaid Kim Derespini
ELECTRONIC RAINBOW IND., INC NH0235 Reserved and Unpaid Ron Ross
EMP Solutions EH0555 Reserved and Unpaid Jay Kothari
ETA International NH0211 T1 Reserved and Unpaid Michele Lawson
Morse Telegraph Club, Inc. SA0306 Reserved and Unpaid James Wades
Nu-View 2 SA0354 Reserved and Unpaid Chris Bledsoe
RC TOYS SALES AND SERVICE NH0177 NH0178 Reserved and Unpaid Rc Toys Sales
Rayfield Communications, Inc. BA0487 Reserved and Unpaid John Rayfield
SATERN SA0350 Reserved and Unpaid Bill Feist
SCO Inc Software/Log Window BA0405 Reserved and Unpaid Leslie Scofield
ilver Tip Antennas BA0468 BA0475 Reserved and Unpaid Bill Bennett
Total Booths: 504   Unique Vendors: 252
Paid: 461   Unpaid: 18   Available: 25