Hamvention 2017 – Outdoor Flea Market Vendors

Outdoor Flea Market Vendors

Hamvention consists of both indoor commercial and outdoor flea market vendor locations. The indoor locations are where the larger commercial vendors set up their displays. The outdoor vendor booths contain both commercial and personal flea market sellers.

Hamvention Indoor and Outdoor Maps

Beginning in 2017, Hamvention has a new home in Xenia, Ohio. The new location houses separate buildings for the commercial vendors. 2018 sees the team taking over a previous building that was unavailable in 2017 resulting in more indoor vendor spaces.

Contacting The Hamvention Team

We receive many requests with Flea Market or Exhibitor questions. We are not affiliated with the management team and this limits our knowledge of show activities. For Hamvention questions, we encourage you to contact the dedicated Hamvention teams.

The teams can be reached at exhibits@hamvention.org for indoor exhibit questions, fleamarket@hamvention.org for questions on the flea market, and tickets@hamvention.org for general ticketing inquiries.

Outdoor Flea Market Vendor List

We update the show information on a regular basis, right up until showtime. Don’t forget to visit our Indoor Commercial Vendors page as well.

Hamvention® 2017 Booth Assignments
(updated 05-17-2017 @ 13:46 EDT)
Vendor Contact
Company Name
9001-9006Bruce J SanderEAE Sales
EAE Sales Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca Electronic Assembly Equipment: "Tools and supplies for the professional and serious amateur"
Bench Tools: New and used quality bench tools, magnifier lights, stereo zoom binocular and trinocular microscopes.  Soldering Equipment: Quality soldering tools make all the difference in today's component circuitry. Upgrade your old unregulated, iron to a variable temperature, regulated, grounded tip soldering station today.  Desoldering Equipment: From wicking braid, to manual hand desoldering pumps, to various desoldering guns and stations, to hot air systems for reworking surface mount components, we have it all!
7054-7057Paid & ReservedCynthia BauxRCG Trading Corp.
7058Paid & ReservedRussell Dean
7059Paid & ReservedAndy BouwmanVintage Tube Serv.
7060Paid & ReservedDonald Chester
7061-7066Paid & ReservedJohn BaranoskyGo Vertical USA
7067ReservedEast Fm
7068-7069Paid & ReservedWilliam Jewell
7070Paid & ReservedTerry Gerdes
7071Paid & ReservedJohn Walker
7072-7074Paid & ReservedSteve ZlotnickWK3SS Club
7154-7157Paid & ReservedCynthia BauxRCG Trading Corp.
7158Paid & ReservedTom Norment
7159Paid & ReservedJason Pye
7160-7163Paid & ReservedMarc GaidoshAndromace Enterprises LLC
7164-7165Paid & ReservedLarry Wright
7166Paid & ReservedJohn BaranoskyGo Vertical USA
7167Paid & ReservedJohn BowersMoultrie Technologies Inc.
7168-7169Paid & ReservedWilliam Jewell
7170-7171Paid & ReservedTerry Gerdes
7172-7173Paid & ReservedScott CongdonPCnStuff, LLC.
7177Anthony ForteAnthony Forte
Computer and electronic parts including hundreds of Radio Shack items. Desktop PC's, working and parts laptops, USB to Serial Cables (Prolific PL2303 chipset), yo-yos, and whatever else I happen to find in my storage lockers
7174-7176Paid & ReservedRon PotterSPARK Radio Club
7203-7205Paid & ReservedVic Maiewski
7206-7211Paid & ReservedGary GrivnaTwin City DX Association
7212-7213Paid & ReservedJohn Poulton
7214-7215Paid & ReservedDavid Moss
7216-7217Paid & ReservedNeil Friedman
7218-7219Paid & ReservedGlenn LittleSouth Carolina Hospital Emerg. Amateur - WR4SC
7220Paid & ReservedJoe Coffman
7221-7223, 7234-7237ReservedFood Concessions FmGreene County Fairgrounds
7238-7241Paid & ReservedWilliam L Fuqua
7242Paid & ReservedMichael Davis
7243Paid & ReservedTerry Cellman
7244Paid & ReservedMichael Kassay
7245Paid & ReservedWard Kuhn
7246Paid & ReservedDavid EhehaltTelco Communications
7247-7248Paid & ReservedDavid E RobinsonMiami County ARC - W8FW
7249-7250Paid & ReservedJohn Davenport
7251Paid & ReservedDave Balint
7254ReservedFood Concessions FmGreene County Fairgrounds
7255Paid & ReservedStephen ProvostGrand Rapids ARA - W8DC
7256-7257ReservedSean MartinLapidary Technologies
7258-7271ReservedEast Fm
7272Paid & ReservedBruce Lundy
7273Paid & ReservedDave Garner
7274-7276Paid & ReservedGlen Steinberg
7277-7278Paid & ReservedJeff Hopkins
7279Paid & ReservedDr. Lamaras Mays
7280-7281Paid & ReservedRichard Hassell-Bennett
7282-7283Paid & ReservedPeter Jachimiec
7284-7285Paid & ReservedRobert Bastone
7286Paid & ReservedTerry Thomas
7287Paid & ReservedRobert Laakkonen
7303-7304Paid & ReservedRay DiricoCellular Wholesale.com
7305-7307Paid & ReservedAndy SeyboldAndrew Seybold, Inc.
7308-7311Paid & ReservedScott Seidel
7312Paid & ReservedDavid Ritchie
7313-7314ReservedDennis Hamilton
7315-7318Paid & ReservedLee Rhoden
7319Paid & ReservedAndy Vavra
7320Paid & ReservedRay Nickell
7321-7325, 7333-7337ReservedFood Concessions FmGreene County Fairgrounds
7338-7341Paid & ReservedDaun Yeagley
7342-7343Paid & ReservedWalter KlingerTMC Amateur Radio Club - W9TMC
7344-7345Paid & ReservedDr. T Dwaine RiddellRiddell Enterprises, Inc
7346Paid & ReservedDavid EhehaltTelco Communications
7347-7348Paid & ReservedDavid E RobinsonMiami County ARC - W8FW
7349-7350Paid & ReservedPaul Kaplan
7351Paid & ReservedDave Balint
7354Paid & ReservedDavid Bunte
7355Paid & ReservedStephen ProvostGrand Rapids ARA - W8DC
7356Paid & ReservedPaul Ash
7357Paid & ReservedLee Craner
7358-7359Paid & ReservedMax Grove
7360-7361Paid & ReservedJoseph T Connett
7362-7365Paid & ReservedDavid AutryNorthern Ohio DX Assoc. - W8DXA
7366-7367Paid & ReservedJames LancasterButler County VHF Assn. - W8CCI
7368-7372Paid & ReservedJim StahlMad River Radio Club - K8MAD
7373-7375Paid & ReservedJon Oas
7376Paid & ReservedDouglas Roberts
7377Paid & ReservedSteve Szombathy
7378-7383Paid & ReservedCraig Boyer
7384-7385Paid & ReservedPeter Van Den BergeOtec Tower Systems
7386Paid & ReservedGene Tonn
7387-7388Paid & ReservedScott Shaffer
7403-7407Sam NabkeyThe West Michigan Technical Group
The West Michigan Technical Group Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca We are a group of Amateur Radio Operators that contributes technology to the Amateurs of West Michigan providing infrastructure for Emergency Services and other groups.
7401-7402Paid & ReservedDanny Lunstrum
7408Paid & ReservedPatrick Paris
7409-7410Paid & ReservedTerrance Marsh
7414-7419, 7514-7519Micah MabelitiniThe Vintage Technology Association
The Vintage Technology Associatio Listing at www.PCBoard.ca The Vintage Technology Association is an electronics research group based in Dayton, Ohio, which specializes in obsolete military and industrial technology. The VTA maintains a collection of over 10,000 devices, spanning over 100 years of electronics and associated mechanical technologies. Our collection consists of a wide range of computers, calculators, test equipment, components, documentation and other miscellany, including a large number of unique and significant artifacts.
7411-7413Paid & ReservedBrian Bedoe
7420-7427Paid & ReservedGordon HensleyHunter Electric Co.
7430-7432Paid & ReservedMark S Johnson
7433-7434Paid & ReservedMichael Parsons
7435-7445Paid & ReservedAndrew BowellYoungstown Radio Service
7446-7448Paid & ReservedJoseph FaircloughRadio Club of JHS #22
7449-7451Paid & ReservedSusan E AlvinoAl-Tech Electronics
7454Paid & ReservedPhilip C Janke
7455Paid & ReservedFred M Ruzick
7456-7459Paid & ReservedRalph Steinberger
7460-7465Paid & ReservedPaul StrengRed Cedar ARC - N8BU
7466Paid & ReservedBruce TannerTech-tiques
7467Paid & ReservedPaul Hummel
7468-7471Paid & ReservedEddie Wilson
7472-7473ReservedRandy Drake
7474Paid & ReservedDan Kovatch
7475-7479Paid & ReservedRichard HerrHerr Electronics
7480Paid & ReservedKevin Lampo
7481Paid & ReservedHugh Duff
7482-7484Paid & ReservedChris Radicke
7485Paid & ReservedEd Wagner
7486Paid & ReservedJerald Abrams
7487-7489Paid & ReservedMark BradleyAssimulare, Inc.
7490Paid & ReservedSteve Widdett
7500-7501Paid & ReservedAlan Fryer
7502Paid & ReservedMark Foltarz
7503-7504Paid & ReservedVal M Johnson
7505-7507Paid & ReservedOra E SmithViewpoint Amateur Radio Club - N7VPR
7508Paid & ReservedJim Nance
7509-7511Paid & ReservedFrank D Adams
7512-7513Paid & ReservedMaurice E Cahill
7520Paid & ReservedJack Schaeffer
7521Paid & ReservedJohn S Yeung
7522Paid & ReservedSteven RogackiArrow Communications Assoc.
7523-7524Paid & ReservedTerry MijalGrace Technology
7525-7527Paid & ReservedEric MazurMountain Electronics
7530-7532Paid & ReservedMark S Johnson
7533Paid & ReservedFred Sanford
7534-7535Paid & ReservedGary RichardsonSan Diego Repeater Assoc. - WB6WLV
7536-7537Paid & ReservedJim PhillipsTower King
7538-7539Paid & ReservedBill Neville
7540Paid & ReservedRichard Truax
7541-7542Paid & ReservedMatt Gilbert
7543-7544Paid & ReservedWalter SkavinskyEast Penn ARC - W3LP
7545-7546Paid & ReservedTom Gabor
7547-7548Paid & ReservedJeff Emberg
7549-7551Paid & ReservedSusan E AlvinoAl-Tech Electronics
7554-7555Paid & ReservedHeather Gady
7556-7559Paid & ReservedPaul AlberghiniWireless Consulting, Inc.
7560-7561Paid & ReservedJoseph Levine
7562-7566Paid & ReservedGreg Lowry
7567Paid & ReservedJames Alpine
7568Paid & ReservedBob Stern
7569-7572Paid & ReservedRobert Uiterwyk
7573-7575ReservedMike Evans
7576-7578Paid & ReservedJon LessaDirect Communications
7579-7580ReservedThomas CoffeyDayton Metro 10 Meter Club - KD8QWN
7581Paid & ReservedDavid Halley
7582Paid & ReservedWilliam Robbins
7583-7585ReservedEast Fm
7586-7588Paid & ReservedHenry Hamblin
7589Paid & ReservedJames WaldronSimple Mics
7590-7591Paid & ReservedTrevor Shibley
7602-7604Jeffrey GoldmanG & G Electronics - K3DUA
G & G Electronics Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca I will have a large quantity of used BIRD products. Dozens of wattmeters, hundreds of elements, QC connectors, line sections, meter movements, etc.
7600-7601Paid & ReservedGreg Sheard
7605-7608Paid & ReservedAlex ChadisNY-TF1 Communications Radio Club - KD2KAR
7609-7610Paid & ReservedMark GriggsMarion Amateur Radio Club - W8GVD
7611-7612Paid & ReservedWilliam Applegate
7613-7618Paid & ReservedLester Turner Jr
7619-7622Paid & ReservedKen AntonelliWestern Reserve Radio Club - W8WRC
7623-7627Paid & ReservedJeff Depolo
7630-7631Paid & ReservedRon RogersFour Lander`s Contest Group - W4NH
7632-7633Paid & ReservedRoger H Volk
7634-7635Paid & ReservedRex BrownRF Electronics
7636-7637Paid & ReservedJoe Munson
7638-7639Paid & ReservedSteve Marrow
7640-7642Paid & ReservedRobert T Liddy
7643Paid & ReservedMarcus Little
7644Paid & ReservedJulian BurkeJulian Enterprises
7645-7646Paid & ReservedCharles Pharis
7647Paid & ReservedJohn Vendely
7648-7649Paid & ReservedTom Shawhan
7650-7651Paid & ReservedJohn Slough
7654-7655Paid & ReservedAllen Underdown
7656-7657Paid & ReservedPhillip RileyScan Shop
7658-7660Paid & ReservedDon Karvonen
7661-7662Paid & ReservedElmer PlantsWashington Amateur Communications - WA3COM
7663Paid & ReservedWilliam SteffeyGreene County ARA - N3GC
7664-7666Paid & ReservedWilliam L Kraus
7667Paid & ReservedJeff Bell
7668-7669Paid & ReservedMike Cumbo
7670-7671Paid & ReservedSteve Greathouse
7672Paid & ReservedMartin Grillo
7673Paid & ReservedGary MorganSouth Lyon ARC - N8SL
7674Paid & ReservedBarry HutchinsonTitanic / Marconi Memorial Radio Assoc - W1MGY
7675Paid & ReservedGrayson Evans
7676ReservedEast Fm
7677-7678Paid & ReservedMichael Trowbridge
7679-7680Paid & ReservedAndrew KrewUniversity of Cincinnati Amateur Radio Club W8YX
7681Paid & ReservedSabin Martin
7682-7683Paid & ReservedTetsuya ArimaVantec Electronics Co.
7684-7685Paid & ReservedJames Ratti
7686Paid & ReservedWayne Baur
7687-7688Paid & ReservedBob ReiffMason Area Repeater Club - W8BRQ
7689-7691Paid & ReservedWilliam Armstrong
7701-7704Paid & ReservedTom Taylor
7705-7707Paid & ReservedAlex ChadisNY-TF1 Communications Radio Club - KD2KAR
7708-7710Paid & ReservedMark GriggsMarion Amateur Radio Club - W8GVD
7711-7713Paid & ReservedRon OdenwaldRADAR - WR8DAR
7714Paid & ReservedWilliam Klomparens
7715-7717Paid & ReservedRon Stahl
7718-7720Paid & ReservedWilliam Strangfeld
7721-7722Paid & ReservedJb Klaene
7723-7727Paid & ReservedJeff Depolo
7730-7731Paid & ReservedRon RogersFour Lander`s Contest Group - W4NH
7732Paid & ReservedGary Wagner
7733-7735Paid & ReservedMike H Goad
7736Paid & ReservedChuck Girt
7737Paid & ReservedJohn Maxwell
7738-7739Paid & ReservedSteve Marrow
7740-7742ReservedDennis StarksMilitary Radio Guy
7743-7745Paid & ReservedMark Matthews
7746-7747Paid & ReservedJohnathan Hodgson
7748Paid & ReservedRobert Laakkonen
7749Paid & ReservedClaude Houde
7750-7751Paid & ReservedRichard Pestinger
7754-7755Paid & ReservedAllen Underdown
7756Paid & ReservedVahe Ohanian
7757-7760Paid & ReservedMark MichelBozo Amateur Radio Fraternity - AB0ZO
7761-7762Paid & ReservedChuck Desantis
7763Paid & ReservedWilliam SteffeyGreene County ARA - N3GC
7764-7766Paid & ReservedKenneth Meacham
7767Paid & ReservedJeff Bell
7768-7769Paid & ReservedWill HolycrossBi-State Amateur Radio Club - WB9ARC
7770-7771Paid & ReservedSteve Greathouse
7772-7773Paid & ReservedMartin Grillo
7774Paid & ReservedBarry HutchinsonTitanic / Marconi Memorial Radio Assoc - W1MGY
7775Paid & ReservedMike Paskeuric
7776-7777Paid & ReservedLemon JamesLemon James Inc.
7778-7779ReservedSoutheast Fm
7780Paid & ReservedBill Flaherty
7781Paid & ReservedJoe Fitter
7782-7783Paid & ReservedColett Capen
7784-7785Paid & ReservedChris ShalvoyRochester DX Association - W2RDX
7786-7787Paid & ReservedGary SchleiferManchester Midway LLC
7788Paid & ReservedBob ReiffMason Area Repeater Club - W8BRQ
7789-7790Paid & ReservedWilliam Armstrong
7803-7806Paid & ReservedJeff WeinbergHarbach Electronics
7807Paid & ReservedKenneth Ciroli
7808-7810Paid & ReservedCharles Agosti
7811-7815Paid & ReservedRobert Hinkle
7816-7817Paid & ReservedRick BowmanAmtronix Instruments, Inc
7818-7819Paid & ReservedErnest B Renswick Jr
7820Paid & ReservedRichard Berris
7821-7822Paid & ReservedJohn Lynch
7823-7825Paid & ReservedMike BryceSunlight Energy Systems
7826-7827Paid & ReservedAllen Johnson
7830-7834Paid & ReservedBen HemeetmanBen Hemeetman
7835-7838Paid & ReservedDavid Adams
7839Paid & ReservedRay Fantini
7840-7842Paid & ReservedBruce Sidari
7843Paid & ReservedCarl Lyster
7844-7845Paid & ReservedDave HegyeraAmateur Radio Legue of Wisconson
7846-7848Paid & ReservedPhilip GallowayHangar 18 Surplus
7849Paid & ReservedCharles JohnsonLawrence County ARES - KB3YBB
7850-7851Paid & ReservedDan DinkeldeinKLD Enterprises
7854-7856Paid & ReservedJames Andrews
7857-7862Paid & ReservedJohn FochtRailcom
7863-7864Paid & ReservedKent Browning
7865-7866Paid & ReservedChris AllenAllen`s Communications
7867Paid & ReservedAndrew PatoGateway FM
7868-7869Paid & ReservedSteven Gladstein
7870Paid & ReservedJohn Davis
7871-7873Paid & ReservedDave Marzetti
7874Paid & ReservedTroy JohnsonSydia Corp
7875Paid & ReservedStephen Daniluk
7876Paid & ReservedDavid YoutzChampaign County ARES
7877-7878Paid & ReservedRick Secrist
7879-7880Paid & ReservedDoug Walker
7881-7882Paid & ReservedRonald Barton
7883-7885Paid & ReservedMichael Marx
7886-7887Paid & ReservedRick Barnett
7888Paid & ReservedDonald MeyersTech-Bond Solutions
7889Paid & ReservedR. Rikoski
7905-7906Paid & ReservedJames Karlow
7907-7908Paid & ReservedKenneth Ciroli
7909-7912Paid & ReservedDr Thomas ShafferElson Amateur Radio Club - W3QAN
7913-7916ReservedBrian BiererArizona Repeater Assoc. - W7ARA
7917Paid & ReservedRick BowmanAmtronix Instruments, Inc
7918-7920Paid & ReservedMatthew FiebigNeunundneunzig Industries
7921-7922Paid & ReservedPaul ZadoniaEagles Landing Radio Club - W8KAF
7923-7924Paid & ReservedChristopher BarbbDamon DX Association - K8DDX
7925Paid & ReservedJames Totten
7926-7927Paid & ReservedAllen Johnson
7930-7934Paid & ReservedBen HemeetmanBen Hemeetman
7935-7938Paid & ReservedJane MytykL`Anse Creuse ARC - N8LC
7940-7942John Caldwell, WD8INCMarch Magnetic Paddles
March Magnetic Paddles Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca
7939Paid & ReservedRay Fantini
7943ReservedSoutheast Fm
7944Paid & ReservedRonald Crown
7945Paid & ReservedCharles TalbottPinnacle Concepts
7946-7948Paid & ReservedPhilip GallowayHangar 18 Surplus
7949Paid & ReservedCharles JohnsonLawrence County ARES - KB3YBB
7950-7951Paid & ReservedCharles HollandCTRS
7954-7956Paid & ReservedJames Andrews
7957-7959Paid & ReservedJohn FochtRailcom
7960-7963Paid & ReservedGene T HaneyLakeshore Repeater Assoc - KR9RK
7964-7966Paid & ReservedChris AllenAllen`s Communications
7967Paid & ReservedAndrew PatoGateway FM
7968Paid & ReservedSteven Gladstein
7969Paid & ReservedPhillip Cline
7970Paid & ReservedJohn Davis
7971-7973Paid & ReservedDave Marzetti
7974-7975Paid & ReservedPaul Dumdie JrRifles & Radios - W9RAR
7976Paid & ReservedDavid YoutzChampaign County ARES
7977-7980ReservedLes TurkSurplus Trading Company
7981-7982Paid & ReservedDean Hammers
7983Paid & ReservedJames MillerAteknia, LLC
7984-7985Paid & ReservedSteve LewisQueen City Emergency Net - W8VVL
7986Paid & ReservedHenry Zappia
7987Paid & ReservedTerry Shaver
7988ReservedSoutheast Fm
8010-8011Paid & ReservedLouis E Mesavage
8012-8014Paid & ReservedGary MaddenMississippi Magnolia Net
8015-8016Paid & ReservedTom Perera
8017Paid & ReservedJohn Flood
8018-8019Paid & ReservedJeff KruthK-MEC
8020-8024Paid & ReservedWilliam Eaton
8030-8032, 8130-8132Michael WolthuisMichael Wolthuis
The father son combo of KB8ZGL & KB8ZGK will once again be at Hamvention with our selection of 900mhz equipment and many other goodies! New this year, W8AMZ antennas - after the passing of Tom we have worked to purchase all remaining supplies and will be selling nearly 100 W8AMZ antennas and baluns straight from W8AMZ this year!
8025-8027Paid & ReservedHoward GadorusMercury Systems Corporation
8033Paid & ReservedNorris Price
8034-8036Paid & ReservedDuane Carlisle
8037-8038Paid & ReservedDavid Pelaez
8039Paid & ReservedBlayne Marek
8040-8042Paid & ReservedThomas TamarkinNight Tech Industries LLC
8043-8045Paid & ReservedDave PenderSilicone Investigations
8046Paid & ReservedSok Kim
8047ReservedSoutheast Fm
8048-8051Paid & ReservedMatthew BacchettaWatts Electronics Inc BIRD
8054ReservedSoutheast Fm
8055Paid & ReservedCharles Jackson
8056Paid & ReservedJohn KelleherBFS
8057Paid & ReservedDouglas Cutlip1979
8058-8063Paid & ReservedKeith FarleyI.O.O.K.
8064-8065Paid & ReservedWalter KlingerTMC Amateur Radio Club - W9TMC
8066-8067ReservedSoutheast Fm
8068-8071Paid & ReservedKevin WalshCentral Ohio Digital Interconnect Group
8072-8074Paid & ReservedJeff Wynegar
8075Paid & ReservedDan Scheetz
8079-8080Jeffrey Ronay, K7JGRSJHARC
Former members and friends of the Saint Joseph High School Amateur Radio Club
8076-8078Paid & ReservedJoseph Krajacic
8081Paid & ReservedWilliam TolbertHoosier DMR
8082-8083Paid & ReservedBill GilmoreMagneti Marelli Powertrain US, LLC
8084Paid & ReservedFrederick Baker
8114-8119Paid & ReservedRichard HartnettSight & Sound Entertainment
8120Paid & ReservedJohn Yelmgren
8121-8124Paid & ReservedKent BritainNorth Texas Microwave Society - W5HN
8125-8127Paid & ReservedHoward GadorusMercury Systems Corporation
8133Paid & ReservedLarry Moser
8134-8136Paid & ReservedDuane Carlisle
8137-8139Paid & ReservedEddie SchnellBonac ARC - K2EC
8140-8142Paid & ReservedThomas TamarkinNight Tech Industries LLC
8143Paid & ReservedJohn Ensley
8144-8145Paid & ReservedChuck LelandLeland Research Corp.
8146-8147Paid & ReservedKevin JonesButler County ARA - W8WRK
8148-8149Paid & ReservedScot Bushong
8150-8151Paid & ReservedMichael Waschbisch2 Way Radio Parts L.L.C.
8154-8155ReservedSoutheast Fm
8156-8157Paid & ReservedDouglas Cutlip1979
8158-8160Paid & ReservedLloyd R Robinson JrWest Virgina DX Assoc. - W8AH
8161-8163Paid & ReservedSean Ocallaghan
8164-8166ReservedTerry Evans
8167-8169Paid & ReservedSandy SamuelsSandy`s Communications
8170-8171Paid & ReservedStephen KuckTryon Amateur Radio Club - K2JJI
8172-8174Paid & ReservedJeff Wynegar
8175Paid & ReservedDan Scheetz
8176-8178Paid & ReservedJoseph Krajacic
8179Paid & ReservedGerald BarnettJerry`s
8180-8181Paid & ReservedJames CessnaAirwaves
8208-8213Paid & ReservedJoshua ChurchIESP
8214-8216Paid & ReservedRobert Tiller
8217Paid & ReservedDavid Mays
8218-8219Paid & ReservedBrian Justin
8220-8221Paid & ReservedKenneth WorleyCenterville Amateur Radio Society - WB8ART
8222-8225Paid & ReservedPhil SnyderMetro DX Club - W9TY
8226-8230Paid & ReservedAaron Almendinger
8231-8232Paid & ReservedRichard L Wood
8233-8234Paid & ReservedRobert Cook
8235-8236Paid & ReservedKelly Flowers
8237-8239ReservedGreg Skokut
8240-8242Paid & ReservedMelvin Musulin
8243-8244Paid & ReservedEric Sloan
8245-8247ReservedRonald BeaverGreer Amateur Radio Club - W4IQQ
8248Paid & ReservedEd Oxer
8249-8250Paid & ReservedRichard Reel
8251Paid & ReservedMurray Allen
8252-8254Paid & ReservedTed Ryan
8255Paid & ReservedEric W. Polk
8256Paid & ReservedPeter Stratigos
8257-8266Paid & ReservedGlenn HochwaltP&R Communications
8270-8271Paid & ReservedJohn GrindelMission Radio
8272-8274Paid & ReservedRobert BiekerHamTubes.com
8275-8277Paid & ReservedKim KovacsMiaimsburg Wireless Assoc .- WA8PLZ
8278-8280Paid & ReservedJordan Carter
8281Paid & ReservedWerner Zackschewski
8297-8300Paid & ReservedRonald Spaulding
8307-8308 Folz - K9HVI / Gorski - KB9HD
8301-8304Paid & ReservedErnie Howard JrDial Radio Club - W8BLV
8309-8311Paid & ReservedDean Bogucki
8312Paid & ReservedJames Millsap
8313Paid & ReservedRay Stone
8314-8316Paid & ReservedJack Comer
8317-8321Paid & ReservedRichard LenoirMain Trading Company
8322-8326Paid & ReservedDale Gagnon
8327-8332Paid & ReservedRichard O CobbRocco Enterprises Inc
8401Paid & ReservedWendell Mellberg
8402Paid & ReservedRobert Cooper
8403-8404Paid & ReservedLee Rhoden
8405-8407Paid & ReservedAnthony Brignole
8408-8409Paid & ReservedRick IrvineDoxcade
8410-8412Paid & ReservedMike Compton
8413Paid & ReservedSid Lipkowitz
8414Paid & ReservedRichie ThompsonUS Electronics
8415-8417Paid & ReservedKevin NaughtonCommunications Consultants
8418Paid & ReservedBrian Wilson
8419Paid & ReservedAlan Nordin
8420Paid & ReservedTerence Cost
8421Paid & ReservedMichael Carl
8422Paid & ReservedSteve Schendel
8423-8424Paid & ReservedMike Cleary
8425-8426Paid & ReservedSteve Jones
8427-8428Paid & ReservedGaith ZayedSelf
8429Paid & ReservedSterling Lemburg
8430-8431Paid & ReservedMichael Kidd
8432Paid & ReservedJack Mandelberger
8433-8434Paid & ReservedDan Rybicki
8435-8436Paid & ReservedRick WeberOhio Packet Group - N8IRA
8437-8438Paid & ReservedDale HuberMound ARA - W8DYY
8439ReservedEast Fence Fm
8441-8442 Goshen Amateur Radio Club
Goshen Amateur Radio Club and Biycle Mobile Hams of America will be sharing space. We have new and used repeaters, duplexers and an assortment of gear from several ham estates. Several Heathkit monitor scopes, transceivers,various old tubes and much other gear.
8440ReservedCharles Nocera
8443-8444Paid & ReservedCraig Goldbeck
8445Paid & ReservedHarvey Haffner
8446-8448Paid & ReservedMark HinklemanAdrian Amateur Radio Club - W8TQE
8449-8451Paid & ReservedWayne Van KirkEnglewood Communications
8452-8453Paid & ReservedKen Rueth
8454Paid & ReservedWerner Zackschewski
8997Paid & ReservedSteve Johnston
8998Paid & ReservedHap Perry
8999Paid & ReservedJeff Forkos
9001-9006Bruce J SanderEAE Sales
EAE Sales Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca Electronic Assembly Equipment: "Tools and supplies for the professional and serious amateur"
Bench Tools: New and used quality bench tools, magnifier lights, stereo zoom binocular and trinocular microscopes.  Soldering Equipment: Quality soldering tools make all the difference in today's component circuitry. Upgrade your old unregulated, iron to a variable temperature, regulated, grounded tip soldering station today.  Desoldering Equipment: From wicking braid, to manual hand desoldering pumps, to various desoldering guns and stations, to hot air systems for reworking surface mount components, we have it all!
9007-9008Robert TywlakDIY Solar for U
DIY Solar for U Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca
We do Solar Charge Controllers Right. Low RFI Radio Friendly, Highest Efficiency MPPT , 12 and 24 volt systems small to large We will have product on special show pricing 25 and 230 / 460 Watt Models available.
9000Paid & ReservedKarl Johnson
9009-9012Paid & ReservedCliiford Coleman
9013-9015Paid & ReservedLarry InceEdgar Communications
9016-9017Paid & ReservedChristopher Gass
9018Paid & ReservedSteve Leffel
9019ReservedMiddle Fm
9020-9029Paid & ReservedRobert Watson
9032-9039, 9041-9061ReservedDavid TritchFlea Market Chairman
9062Paid & ReservedLee Hatfield
9063-9065Paid & ReservedEdward Parish
9066-9068Paid & ReservedWilliam Ribish
9069Paid & ReservedDale Cohen
9070Paid & ReservedJames R Sjoberg Jr
9071Paid & ReservedMarion Miller
9072Paid & ReservedDavid Jones
9073-9075Paid & ReservedTerry PriceDirective Systems and Engineering
9101Paid & ReservedDonald Fox
9102-9103Paid & ReservedMark SpradlinBrush Creek Radio Club
9104Paid & ReservedJohn Bacon
9105-9106Paid & ReservedSteven KooglerDrake ARC - W8CYE
9107-9108Paid & ReservedLee KermodeK8MMM Radio Club
9109-9110Paid & ReservedDavid ArcherPaxton Communications Engineering - W8PCE
9111-9112Paid & ReservedMike ArcherPhoneton Station Contesters - W8PR
9113-9118Paid & ReservedScott ColeTower Electronics
9119-9124Paid & ReservedMichael Fisher
9201Paid & ReservedDonald Fox
9202-9203Paid & ReservedMark SpradlinBrush Creek Radio Club
9204Paid & ReservedJonathan Holcombe1984
9205-9206Paid & ReservedSteven KooglerDrake ARC - W8CYE
9207-9208Paid & ReservedLee KermodeK8MMM Radio Club
9209-9210Paid & ReservedDavid ArcherPaxton Communications Engineering - W8PCE
9211-9212Paid & ReservedMike ArcherPhoneton Station Contesters - W8PR
9213-9218Paid & ReservedScott ColeTower Electronics
9219-9221ReservedGeorge Tarnovsky
9222-9224Paid & ReservedCharles Scott
9301-9303Paul Kluwe, W8ZOKadette Krewe d'Radio
Kadette Krewe dRadio Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca Again this year the Kadette Krewe d'Radio will have on hand KI7EIW, K9MBS, KE9PQ, K9RA, K8SU, K3USC, W9YAC, W8ZO, W9ZR and others. As usual, there will be some Krewe radios for sale along with tall tales of exciting radio adventures. We will also have information available for BRAD FOCKEN's K0HM ELECTRONICS (www.k0hm.net) for the repair of your Alpha Amplifiers including the 91b, 99, 87A, 89, 9500, and 8410 amps. Brad's resume includes working at Alpha for 17+ years and he was one of the designers on the 9500 and 8410 amplifiers. Anything KREWE APPROVED has got to be GREAT!
9304-9309, 9404-9409Sam AdamsSam Adams
Satellite Sam Adams KG4JMN, will feature Surplus Hound,Sam Powers with his HamShack Ambulance,as well as deals on Hex Beam Antenna. You will also find Sulley with his great closeouts on Computor accessories,Laptops and PC deals. And John, The RF Adaptor Guy will have great specials on Connectors, and Satellite Sam will be celebrating his 31st Dayton and his 81st Birthday with Great Deals on the Rechargable Flashlights at $9.00 Set, lowest price ever and Button Batteries like 2032, AG13,etc at $1.50 a card or 4 Cards for $5.00 No Limits.Health Problems are making Hamfest a great problem and This may be one of Sams last, so Every item is avail in quanities at liqudation prices. spaces 9304-9309 and 9404-9409
9310Sam AdamsSam Adams
Satellite Sams retirement sale will also feature a Large Assortment of Lighted Programable Signs, at prices 50% below retail, including Great Open Signs for only $18.00 seen elsewhere $45-$50. His Programable Signs can be seen as you go from the New Dealer section to the Flea Market Section Behind .All Major Credit Cards accepted. Large Tent section 9310
9225Paid & ReservedJohn LewisTri State Escrap
9311-9322Paid & ReservedKen NieseESL Surplus
9324-9325Paid & ReservedGeorge AndersonTubelab Inc.
9326Paid & ReservedBob Straley
9327Paid & ReservedDerek Hay
9328-9329Paid & ReservedRichard Ferguson
9331Paid & ReservedMary Holtschneider
9332-9337Paid & ReservedJames KreuzerPlay Things of Past
9338-9339Paid & ReservedRichard Evans
9340Paid & ReservedDan Merila
9341-9342Paid & ReservedWilliam KretschmerNortheast Amateur Radio Club - KC1DFS
9343Paid & ReservedWayne Pecena
9344Paid & ReservedTom SommerPen-Comm Engineering
9345-9346Paid & ReservedDean MckinleyNewcastle 2-Way
9401-9403Paid & ReservedRandy Schaaf
9410Paid & ReservedSam AdamsSam Adams
9411-9422Paid & ReservedKen NieseESL Surplus
9424-9425Paid & ReservedDilovan Perwer
9426-9427Paid & ReservedAlvin Norris
9428-9429Paid & ReservedRichard Ferguson
9430Paid & ReservedJerzy Kowallzzyk
9431Paid & ReservedJoe Sluz
9432Paid & ReservedGeorge Hall
9433-9434Paid & ReservedAutry Davidson
9435-9438Paid & ReservedWilliam HammondWorcester Career & Tech Ctr. Radio - KB3BLD
9439Paid & ReservedRay TrimbleIdeal Company
9440-9442Paid & ReservedBob GardnerWA8JBT
9443Paid & ReservedStephen White
9444-9445Paid & ReservedThomas AbellCreative Ideaotics
9446Paid & ReservedDaryl Taylor
9501Paid & ReservedLynn Seery
9502-9504Paid & ReservedLarry DannaAshton Radio Communications Society
9505-9506Paid & ReservedKenneth Mcartney
9507-9509Paid & ReservedDavid FrenchThunderbolt Electronics
9510Paid & ReservedDavid Lester
9511Paid & ReservedRoger Given
9512-9513Paid & ReservedDonald WhitemanNorth Shore Radio Club - NS9RC
9514-9517Paid & ReservedRick StealeyWailua Amateur Radio Assoc. - KH6NN
9518-9521Paid & ReservedMichael CanyonElectro Mavin
9522-9525Paid & ReservedWilliam PerryWilliam Perry Co
9526-9528Paid & ReservedBarry Buelow
9529Paid & ReservedDwight AussiekerAussieker Custom
9530Paid & ReservedCraig HarbesonOhio Valley Experimeter's Club - KD8LBS
9531-9532Paid & ReservedSteve Schuck
9533-9534Paid & ReservedKenneth Talbott
9535-9536Paid & ReservedSteven Gregory
9537-9541Paid & ReservedMichael BirdHigh Noon Trading Co.
9542Paid & ReservedDavid Feldman
9543-9544Paid & ReservedJim Morgan
9545Paid & ReservedAndy Demland
9546-9547Paid & ReservedMichael P Sercer
9601Paid & ReservedLynn Seery
9602-9604Paid & ReservedLarry DannaAshton Radio Communications Society
9605-9606Paid & ReservedRobert Baker
9607-9613Paid & ReservedEmil Devcic
9614-9617Paid & ReservedRobert Harris
9618Paid & ReservedDaniel Guernsey
9620-9624Richard WertmanRW Antennastore, Lockport, NY
RW Antennastore Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca Stop by and get the lowest prices on Antennas connectors coax power supplies radios Mobile mounts base mounts and much more.
Comet hustler hy gain cushcraft tram jetstream Daiwa MFJ Alinco Zastone Baofeng And many more. Awesome Hamvention specials. Stop by and say hello to Rich Chris Guy and Tony
9619Paid & ReservedAl Fisher
9625-9628Paid & ReservedJoseph SchottCherryland Amateur Radio Club - W8TCM
9629Paid & ReservedDwight AussiekerAussieker Custom
9630Paid & ReservedCraig HarbesonOhio Valley Experimeter's Club - KD8LBS
9631Paid & ReservedTed Hartson
9632-9634Paid & ReservedAndy CorbinGoat Mtn Radio Assoc - W5CUI
9635Paid & ReservedJohn Mathis
9636-9642Paid & ReservedTom Whitted
9643-9646Paid & ReservedNicholas HyerPurdue University ARC - W9YB
9647Paid & ReservedDoug SippleRadio Amatuers of Corry - W3YXE
9701-9703Paid & ReservedEllwood E BremCentre Communications Inc.
9704Paid & ReservedAnthony Luscre
9705Paid & ReservedJimmy Sorrells
9706-9707Paid & ReservedConstance Kelly
9708Paid & ReservedJennifer Rojowski
9709-9710Paid & ReservedGerald KesslerCommunications Transmission LLC
9711-9713Paid & ReservedTommy WhiteA&W Communications, Inc.
9714-9715Paid & ReservedJan Surber
9716Paid & ReservedMitch SternHam Radio Class
9717-9719Paid & ReservedThomas Ford
9720Paid & ReservedJames Stitzinger Jr.
9721-9722Paid & ReservedMary Michaelis
9723Paid & ReservedRichard Benedict
9724Paid & ReservedColeen Robideaux
9725-9726Paid & ReservedJulia StonePower Film Solar
9727-9728Paid & ReservedNick Browning
9729-9730Paid & ReservedDanny Taylor
9731Paid & ReservedJohn PerlickAria Corporation
9750 9751 9752 9753 9754 9755 9756ReservedWest Fm
Total Booth Count: 1349
(Booths Paid and Reserved: 1221     Booths Reserved: 125     Booths Open: 0     Unique Vendors: 567 )