Hamvention 2019 – Commercial Vendors

Indoor Commercial Vendors

Hamvention consists of both indoor commercial and outdoor flea market vendor locations. The indoor locations are where the larger commercial vendors set up their displays. The outdoor vendor booths contain both commercial and personal flea market sellers.

Hamvention Indoor and Outdoor Maps

Beginning in 2017, Hamvention has a new home in Xenia, Ohio. The new location houses separate buildings for the commercial vendors. 2018 sees the team taking over a previous building that was unavailable in 2017 resulting in more indoor vendor spaces.

Contacting The Hamvention Team

We receive many requests with Flea Market or Exhibitor questions. We are not affiliated with the management team and this limits our knowledge of show activities. For Hamvention questions, we encourage you to contact the dedicated Hamvention teams.

The teams can be reached at exhibits@hamvention.org for indoor exhibit questions, fleamarket@hamvention.org for questions on the flea market, and tickets@hamvention.org for general ticketing inquiries.

Indoor Commercial Vendor List

We update the show information on a regular basis, right up until showtime. Don’t forget to visit our Outdoor Flea Market Booth Assignment page as well.

Hamvention® Booth Assignments
(updated 05-16-2019 @ 05:12 EDT)
Vendor Company
Booth Number
Registration Status
Vendor Name
Booths Available For Immediate Booking6103 6108 6209 6307 6310 6311 6312 6409
PCBoard.caweb orders only-John - VE3SVE
PCBoard.ca Banner
The PCBoard.ca team will be attending Hamvention 2019, but unfortunately, we will not have a booth this year. We invite everyone to visit our online store at www.pcboard.ca.
NOAA - National Weather Service4308ConfirmedBrandon Peloquin
10-10 International Net, Inc.3810ConfirmedKeith Schlottman
10-10 International Net, Inc. Logo at www.PCBoard.caTen-Ten International Net was formed in 1962 to promote activity and good operating practice on the ten meter amateur band. Members are issued a unique number, and to date nearly 80,000 numbers have been issued to hams worldwide. The organization sponsors QSO Parties and other operating events throughout the year, offers numerous operating awards, and publishes a quarterly newsletter. Ten-Ten holds daily nets and encourages all ham operators to take advantage of 10 meters.
405 Laserworks LLC1907ConfirmedBryan Mackey
ABR Industries3211ConfirmedChuck Abramson
AlexLoop3109ConfirmedAlexandre Grimberg,
AlexLoop Logo on PCBoard.ca

ALEXLOOP LogoALEXLOOP is an ultra light portable Magnetic Loop Antenna designed by PY1AHD Alexandre Grimberg , over 12 years of intense work. PY1AHD ALEX is a 69 years old ham fascinated by QRP Portable Operation that is very proud to have his successful design approved by thousands of Hams all over the world. The ALEXLOOP antennas are carefully handcrafted by PY1AHD ALEX from the first screw to the final test.
ALUMA TOWER COMPANY6512ConfirmedHank Halbert
(Radio Amateur Satellite Corp)
1007-1010, 1107-1110ConfirmedPhil Smith w1eme@amsat.org
AMSATJoin us as AMSAT celebrates our Golden Jubilee at the 2019 Hamvention with a 1969 theme and an "OSCAR Park" display. The satellite lineup includes appearances by OSCAR-1, AO-7, Phase-3A, ARISSat, Fox, and GOLF. Join up or renew your AMSAT membership. Updated for 2019, AMSAT's book, "Getting Started With Amateur Satellites" is available. Get one-on-one guidance on setting up your satellite station and making contacts at our "Beginner's Corner". Participate in live demonstrations of contacts through FM and linear satellites with station and operating tips from some of the best satellite operators in the country.
AREDN / AREDN1001ConfirmedWilliam Curtice
ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio2001-2004, 2101-2104, 2201-2204, 2301-2304, 2401-2404ConfirmedBob Inderbitzen
Air Chair6501-6502ConfirmedBob Hanna
Airspy.US1201-1202ConfirmedJoe Mcelhaney
Albuquerque DX Association/Duke City Hamfest1909ConfirmedBill Mader, K8TE
Albuquerque DX Association/Duke City HamfestAlbuquerque DX Association/Duke City HamfestADXA, focused on DX'ing and Contesting. DCHF 20-22 Sep 2019 the best Amateur Radio convention in the Southwest U.S.!
Alfa Radio Ltd.2106, 2206ConfirmedJ. T. (Mitch) Mitchell
Alfa Radio Ltd. Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caAlfa Radio Ltd. Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caAlfa Rotators - Let us show you how we can TURN your world around! Reliable and built to last. We know firsthand how important a reliable rotator is to your amateur radio needs. We, as active amateurs, use our Alfa Rotators. We would not confidently sell them to you if we did not believe in them.
Main features are: Low voltage operation (12 to 24 D.C. Volts), 720 degree rotation, Double worm gear drive, Computer interface included with controller, Rotator is simple; "smarts" in the control unit.

We are pleased to be a "MAJOR PRIZE" Donor with the donation of a Rotator and Controller to the Hamvention.

Models: Azimuth Only, Azimuth and Elevation - EME, SAT, Ring Rotator
sales@alfaradio.ca - www.alfaradio.ca - 780 466 5779
Alinco Inc.3007-3008ConfirmedRaj Gounder
Alpha Antenna3207ConfirmedSteven Deines
Alpha RF Systems \ Dishtronix \ Ten-Tec1807-1809ConfirmedMike Dishop
Amateur Television Network6101-6102ConfirmedDavid Stepnowski
Ameritron1706, 1806ConfirmedSteven Pan
Arrow Antenna1106ConfirmedTim Chapman
Aventrade3006ConfirmedAlex Gong
bhi Ltd1911ConfirmedGraham Somerville
bhi Ltd Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.cabhi Ltd manufactures a range of DSP noise canceling products that remove unwanted background noise and interference from noisy radio signals to leave clear, intelligible speech. Using a powerful high-performance audio processing system incorporating unique DSP noise-canceling technology our products can distinguish speech signals from noise on all bands. The processed audio is clear and intelligible under most conditions, meaning that you can really hear what is being said!

Come and see us on booth1911 and hear how good our ParaPro EQ20 audio DSP units with parametric equalization and world-class noise canceling really are at boosting your receive audio. This excellent value for money product will significantly help those with hearing loss to get the most out of their audio.

Go to the bhi website for more information https://www.bhi-ltd.com/noise-cancelling/new-para-pro-range/.
BRIDGECOM SYSTEMS, INC.1103-1104ConfirmedRon Kochanowicz
Batteries America3808-3809ConfirmedEverett Yost
Begali Keys2307-2308, 2407-2408ConfirmedThe Begali Team
Begali Keys logo
Pietro Begali produces some of the worlds finest electro-mechanical precision components along with their exclusive line of fine keys and paddles for the ham community. Stop in and visit with them at the show or visit them online at www.i2rtf.com.
Belden5303ConfirmedDouglas Skinner
Bird4311ConfirmedDana Svilar
Buckmaster International 5106ConfirmedDaniel Bateman
Buckmaster Publishing Logo at www.PCBoard.caBuckmaster has been making amateur radio products since 1981. Our HamCall callsign database and Buckmaster OCF Dipole antennas are known throughout the world. We also offer accessories such as stainless pulleys, Line-Grips, Dacron rope, and Great Circle Maps. We look forwardto seeing old and new friends at the Dayton Hamvention! Our website is at http://hamcall.net.
Buddipole3003-3005ConfirmedChris Drummond
COMPACtenna6609ConfirmedJack Nilsson
CQ Communications, Inc.4307ConfirmedRichard Moseson
CW Operator's Club6608ConfirmedDon Greenbaum
CW OperatorOur goal is to bring together Amateur Radio operators who enjoy communicating by Morse Code (CW). CWops encourages the use of CW in Amateur communications, and it supports CW activity through planned events. CWops promotes goodwill among Amateurs throughout the world, and it fosters the education of young people and others in matters related to Amateur Radio.
Cable Experts1701-1702ConfirmedMichael Genzel
Capitol Electronics, Inc1005ConfirmedChris Bricklebank
Civil Air Patrol6304ConfirmedAmber Jones
Collins Collectors Association1003-1004ConfirmedScott Kerr
Comet Antenna / Daiwa Meters3304-3306ConfirmedMick Stwertnik
Comet / Daiwa www.PCBoard.ca
Courage Kenny Handiham Program6602ConfirmedLucinda Moody
Cushcraft Amateur Radio Antennas1905-1906ConfirmedSteven Pan
DARA (Dayton Amateur Radio Association)2706-2707ConfirmedDayton Amateur Radio Asso Dara
DARA - International Relations2601ConfirmedGary Descombes
DARA Membership4006-4008ConfirmedJeff Devoe
DARC2503ConfirmedWrede Thomas
DX Engineering1205-1210, 1308-1311ConfirmedSteve Hannah
DZKit6610ConfirmedBrian Wood
DZKitDZKit manufactures unique electronic products in kit form, including the famous Sienna Transceiver and its new successor the Sienna XL: 250W, HF+6, all-mode, cross-band/cross-mode, high performance, works with common SDRs as secondary Rx/panadapter, much more! Check us out at booth 6610.
Davis Instruments6711-6712ConfirmedKim Derespini
Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau4306ConfirmedCarmen Huffman
Dayton Skywarn4308ConfirmedLouis Long
Debco Electronics1301-1302, 1401-1402ConfirmedTom Case
Diamond Antenna3401-3406ConfirmedDenise Bauman
Digilent3002ConfirmedKaitlyn Franz
E-Blox Inc6508ConfirmedJoe Seymour
ELAD USA INC3010-3012ConfirmedFranco Milan
ESRC1 Corp1101-1102ConfirmedStanley Winston
EZ Hang Inc.1802ConfirmedDennis Currence
EZNEC Antenna Software3811ConfirmedRoy Lewallen
Ears To Our World6510ConfirmedThomas Witherspoon
Elecraft1707-1711ConfirmedMadelyn Gomez
Elecraft Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caElecraft offers unique, high-performance transceivers and accessories that are available both factory assembled and as kits that you can easily build yourself. All radios are manufactured at Elecraft's Headquarters located in Watsonville, California - just outside of Silicon Valley. Elecraft's focused and experience staff, as well as several talented customer and designers who contribute their ideas and expertise, are passionate and dedicated to creating the ultimate experience in hands-on ham radios.
Expert Linears America, LLC.2603-2605ConfirmedBob Hardie
Expert Linears Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caExpert Linears Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caWe are the only western hemisphere distributor for SPE Expert Linear amplifiers. Built at SPE in Rome Italy.
All of our models are fully SOLID STATE. They are 1.3KFA (1.3kW), 1.5KFA (1.5kW) and 2KFA (2kW).
Power supply and antenna tuner is included...... ALL IN ONE CABINET. PS's are highly efficient. NOTE that the 1.3KFA and 1.5KFA weigh only 22 lbs. And the ATU is automatic. NO KNOBS to tune.
Our amplifiers follow your transceiver(s) from frequency to frequency, band to band and "remembers ATU settings". Just turn the main frequency knob on your transceiver and switch bands. OUR AMPS FOLLOW. We are delivering Series II, 1.3KFA and 1.5KFA SPE Linear amplifiers.
Come to see us in BLDG #2 at booths 2603-2605, across from the Special Event Station.
FIRST Robotics4004ConfirmedKerry Hicks
FM Palulun4111ConfirmedMr. Nobuo Ebisawa
FM Palulun Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caFM PALULUN is a commercial FM Radio Station in Mito, Japan, and has a HAM radio club station "JQ1ZKB". Also, has Radio Programs, "Radio JARL.com", "CQ HAM for Girls", and "OM's round QSO" We will introduce them and FM PALULUN to Hamvention visitors. and also Hamvention to Japanese HAMs.Booth Contact: Mr. Nobuo Ebisawa (Lead /Broadcast Director: JA1VMP/WB1AP), Ms. Kaori Mita (Japan Amateur Radio League, Ambassador of PR : JI1BTL), Mr. Yuji Shimosugi (Technical lead : JJ1GPM), Mr. Masumi Okuda (JO1IAF/AC6HC).

Web Links: http://fmpalulun.co.jp/jarl/, http://www.fmpalulun.co.jp/ham/, http://fmpalulun.co.jp/om/
Fast Track Ham Radio Books & Presentations1908ConfirmedMichael Burnette
Fists CW Club6109-6110ConfirmedTim O'Conner
Flagpoles by Uncommon USA Inc.3204ConfirmedLiz Balman
Flexradio Systems2007-2009, 2107-2108, 2207-2208ConfirmedLori Hicks
Fox Hill Embroidery6407ConfirmedTom Engelhaupt
Gemmagic6801-6803ConfirmedTana Rhodes
GigaParts3607-3608ConfirmedSteve Molo
GigaParts Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca

GigaParts, Inc. is a full service computer and amateur radio store. Our radio department features the latest products from manufacturers such as Alinco, Icom, Kenwood®, Yaesu, MFJ, Diamond, and many more. Whether you're a DX'er looking for the latest HF rig or a soon-to-be-HAM looking for study materials and a two-meter handie talkie, we have what you need!

Shop us at GigaParts.com or call Sales 866-535-4442 9am-6pm CST.
Gold Medal Ideas3609-3611ConfirmedRon Kritzman
Gold Medal Ideas at www.PCBoard.caGold Medal Ideas 1 at www.PCBoard.caCallsign and radio themed shirts, jackets, hats and name badges.
Grace Technology4209ConfirmedTerry Mijal
Great Scott Gadgets5008ConfirmedMichael Ossmann
Green Heron Engineering3103, 3203ConfirmedJeffery Ach
Greene County Conv. & Visitors Bur.6611ConfirmedKathleen Wright
Ham Nation5305ConfirmedBob Heil
Ham Radio 2.0 - Yasme Foundation4301-4303ConfirmedWard Silver
Ham Radio Class0ConfirmedMitch Stern
Ham Radio Deluxe5007ConfirmedRandall Gawtry
Ham Radio Outlet2506-2507, 3307-3311ConfirmedLuke Rohn
Ham Radion Outlet logo

With Worldwide Distribution coupled with Multi-Store Buying Power, Ham Radio Outlet is geared to fill the needs of Ham Radio Operators everywhere at the best prices possible.

Whether online on the World Wide Web, over the telephone, or in person in one of our stores. Customer service is one of our primary goals. We employ active hams with varied backgrounds and expertise to be able to assist in any area of the hobby - Give us a call at 1-800-558-0411 or visit us on the web at HamRadio.com
Ham Radio Workbench3104ConfirmedJeremy Kolonay
HamEstate LLC1801ConfirmedAndre Vanwyk
HamSCI4304ConfirmedNathaniel Frissel
HamStudy.org1901-1902ConfirmedRichard Bateman
Hamsource3903-3906ConfirmedJohn Kalotai
Heil Sound Ltd.2701-2704ConfirmedStephen Warford
HobbyPCB1912ConfirmedCurtis Pope
HobbyPCB Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caCome visit a HobbyPCB to find out about our amplifier and transceiver kits including the HARDROCK-50 50W HF Amplifier kit, the new HARDROCK-500 Amplifier Support Package, IQ32 HF Transceiver and much more.
Huntsville Hamfest4110ConfirmedMark Brown
Hustler / New-Tronics1505-1506ConfirmedMichael Boyer
Hy-Gain1903-1904ConfirmedSteven Pan
Hytech Marketing6804-6805ConfirmedSusan Molnar
ICOM America2508-2509, 2608-2610, 2708-2709ConfirmedJesse Skipton
Information Radio 16604005ConfirmedNorm Schrein
Information Radio Logo at PCBoard.ca
Listen to us on our Hamventon special events station on 1620 AM
Information Station Specialists6503ConfirmedBill Baker
616.772.2300 x102
ISS Hamvention Listing

Amateur Radio Operators in all 50 states rely on Information Station Specialists (www.theRADIOsource.com) for the equipment and services to broadcast emergency information to vehicle radios over AM channels 530-1710 kHz. Tune to AM 1620 as you approach Hamvention to hear a live demonstration of the technology, daily weather, parking, travel and traffic information, interviews and the daily schedule, updated minute-to-minute. Information Station Specialists offers portable and fixed systems, often purchased via grants, by city/county emergency managers and other public safety officials. Services include FCC licensing, installation and training. For more information, email Bill Baker.Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca
New for 2019 - HPR.0990 Antenna: The "Hamvention Radio 1620" radio signal will be broadcast this year with the new HPR.0990 high efficiency/high capacity vertical antenna and groundplane that will be displayed on a portable trailer in the lot just outside Building 6.
Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caNew in 2019: At Booth 6503 in Building 6, you will be able to purchase Part 15/low power products, such as the Talking House and I A.M. Radio transmitter systems, offered by Information Station Specialists.
Read More: Interested in learning about "Information Radio"? Check out The Source newsletter. You can read the most recent issue and sign up to receive it regularly.
International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)2105ConfirmedDavid Sumner
JK Antennas3101-3102, 3201-3202, 3301-3302ConfirmedKen Garg
JK Antennas Logo at PCBoard.ca
JK Antennas has assembled the best team, suppliers and parts manufacturing to provide our clients with antennas that are considered works of art. What makes us different? We design and build the antennas that we would want to use - with the highest quality materials, heavy duty designs calculated to withstand powerful winds and heavy icing, and which are tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Our antennas are 100% manufactured in the USA.
Please visit the JK Antennas/Force12 booth at Hamvention 2019 for more details or with questions.
JT Communications3703ConfirmedJim Trapani
JVC Kenwood1407-1411, 1507-1511ConfirmedRebecca Hinton
Japan Amateur Radio League, Inc2502ConfirmedMasaaki Maeda
Jericho Prints6205ConfirmedJanet Boehm
K2BSA - ARA & Radio Scouting2205ConfirmedJim Wilson
K4USD Network Club6504ConfirmedJohn Burningham
KB3IFH QSL Cards6305ConfirmedRandy KB3IFH
KB3IFH QSL CardsQuality QSL & Eyeball Cards
Visit my website at http://kb3ifh.homestead.com or call me at 410-440-0282. See you at Dayton. We're in building 6 this year at 6305. Stop by and say hello!
L.I.E. Gifts6704ConfirmedKenny Ran
LATSYS GmbH6403ConfirmedChristoph Duwe
LUSO Super-Techno3105-3106, 3205-3206ConfirmedKazue Shimoda
Libre Space Foundation1006ConfirmedPierros Papadeas
Lido Mounts4106, 4206ConfirmedJim Newcomb
Linux in the Ham Shack5004ConfirmedRuss Woodman
LnR Precision, Inc3901-3902ConfirmedLarry Draughn
LOOP ANTENNA by I3VHF3009ConfirmedCiro Mazzoni I3VHF
LOOP ANTENNA by I3VHF Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caThe LOOP ANTENNA was designed and handmade with pride in Italy by Ciro I3VHF, who dedicated his professional life to experimentation and testing in order to produce an antenna for radio operators who have limited space for their aerials, yet still want a quality antenna.

The LOOP ANTENNA has small dimensions but high efficiency. Due to its narrow bandwidth, noise is practically zero and can operate from almost any place.
No noise - no limits!
M&P Coaxial Cables1606ConfirmedSteven Pan
M2 Antenna Systems, Inc.3107ConfirmedWyatt Lyzenga
MARAC6603ConfirmedKerry Long
MARCO-Medical Amateur Radio Council 6308ConfirmedJay Garlitz
MARS, Combined MARS6302-6303ConfirmedPaul English
MFJ Enterprises Inc1603-1605, 1703-1705, 1803-1805ConfirmedSteven Pan
Mastrant - Gigaparts3708-3709ConfirmedMartin Huml
MicroLog by WA0H5206ConfirmedJerry Gentry
Midwest VHF/UHF Society6708ConfirmedTom Holmes
Mini-Circuits3803ConfirmedIlamcheran Alvapillai
Mobilinkd LLC6703ConfirmedRob Riggs
Mobilinkd LLC Listing at www.PCBoard.caWe seek to inspire a new generation of operators and experimenters by making what we do accessible to all. Mobilinkd has been innovating in APRS and amateur packet radio in since 2013. We offer battery-powered and Bluetooth-connected KISS TNCs designed for use with mobile apps like APRSdroid and aprs.fi. Our TNCs are designed, assembled and tested in Chicago, Illinois. Our TNC3 is the first device of its class to offer Bluetooth LE support. This brings, for the first time, APRS-RF operations to iOS devices. We'd love to have you stop by.
Mr Gadgets6505-6507ConfirmedSteve Narducci
N3ZN Keys1203-1204ConfirmedTony Baleno N3ZN
N3ZN Logo Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca

NSIRadio.com4211-4212ConfirmedVasily Vasiliev
NSIRadio.com Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caExpert Electronics SDR transceivers MB1, SunSDR2-Pro, SunSDR-QRP, Receivers ColibriNano

Kirkland, WA, 98034 USA (800)977-0448
NVIS/Codan Communications Consulting6402ConfirmedJohn Rosica
NW Digital Radio1105ConfirmedBryan Hoyer
National Federation of the Blind & The Unseen Bean2602ConfirmedGerry Leary
National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting1910ConfirmedJoseph Molter
Nu-View 23804ConfirmedNick Inman
Nuts & Volts / Servo Magazine5003ConfirmedRobin Lemieux
OM International Sideband Society6509ConfirmedCarrie Krueger
Ohlemacher`s Wisconsin Meat and Cheese Products6112ConfirmedDan Ohlemacher
Old Old Timers Club6204ConfirmedPhil Sager
Orlando HamCation4109ConfirmedJohn Knott
Pain Free Pillows6107ConfirmedBruce Gaspord
Palstar Inc.5102-5103ConfirmedPaul Hrivnak
Peet Bros. Company, Inc.5202-5204ConfirmedLinda Schultz
PolEx Technologies6810ConfirmedGeorge Brock-Fisher
Portable Rotation3108ConfirmedWilliam Waters Iii
Pro Audio Engineering1610ConfirmedHoward Hoyt
QRP - ARCI5107-5108ConfirmedJack Nelson
QRP Labs6612ConfirmedHans Summers
QRP Works1611ConfirmedStephen Silverman
QSO Radio Show4312-4313ConfirmedTed Randall
Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA)6401ConfirmedPresident,
Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caWere you first licensed in 1994? If you were first licensed more than 25 years ago, (continuously not required) and are currently licensed today, you are eligible to join the Quarter Century Wireless Association. This is 'QCWA Today', and there are many new exciting benefits in belonging.We offer a monthly digital eJournal with high resolution color pictures and hyper links. See what we are all about at www.qcwa.org. This year we will be holding the Annual Members' Meeting and Forum during Hamvention on Saturday, May 18 at 1:40 to 2:40 PM in Forum Room 4.
Quicksilver Radio3503-3506, 3603-3606ConfirmedJohn Bee
Quicksilver Radio carries The Best in Ham Radio ! Our products include Go-Kits and supplies, Anderson Powerpoles, Coax Cable, Antenna Wire, RF Connectors and Adapters, Crimp Tools, Soldering Irons, Meters, Test Equipment, and more.
Your Favorite Amateur Radio Supplier
Quicksilver Radio Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca
R & L Electronics1303-1306, 1403-1406ConfirmedRoger Smallwood
rf-kit.de Logo at www.PCBoard.caB26 RF-2K+ LDMOS HF Linear KIT: Easy Legal Limit power amplifier with all features you expect from an state of the art amplifier.
RFinder, LLC4013ConfirmedBob Greenberg
RT Systems3805-3806ConfirmedKarin Thompson
Rabbit Laser USA4011-4012ConfirmedRaymond L Scott
Radio Amateurs of Canada2504ConfirmedGlenn Macdonell
Radio Club of America1811ConfirmedStan Reubenstein
Radio Society of Great Britain2305, 2405ConfirmedMark Allgar
RadioWavz2606-2607ConfirmedRochelle Hohensee
Radiosport Headsets4107-4108ConfirmedDave Bottom
Rescue Tape3001ConfirmedRobert Laakkonen
Rig Expert5105ConfirmedYuri Onipko
SATERN6210-6211ConfirmedWilliam H Feist Iii
Straight Key Century Club (SKCC)4112ConfirmedRon Bower, AC2C (AC2C@SKCCgroup.com)
Straight Key Century Club Logo at www.PCBoard.ca Formed in January of 2006 to promote the use of Straight Key CW and to keep the spirit of Straight Key Night alive throughout the year. The Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) is the fastest growing group of mechanical-key CW operators in the world. Membership is free and open to any interested licensed radio amateur. The club has grown rapidly to include over 20,000 members from all corners of the globe.
SSS Solution1810ConfirmedZeljko Repic
Scanner Master Corp.3303ConfirmedRichard Barnett
Siglent Technologies USA, Inc5207-5208ConfirmedSteve Barfield
Sign Man of Baton Rouge3701-3702ConfirmedRick Pourciau
Sign Man of Ohio5304ConfirmedRon Kennedy
Society of Amatuer Radio Astronomers / Radio JOVE4207-4208ConfirmedDennis Farr
SteppIR Antennas Systems1501-1502, 1601-1602ConfirmedJohn Mertel - WA7IR
SteppIR Antennas Systems Logo at www.PCBoard.ca
SuperApex Corporation4305ConfirmedCharles Deng
Suspender Man6104-6105ConfirmedBob Coulbourne
SwapMyRigs.com6811ConfirmedWilliam Jordan
TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio)5009-5011ConfirmedJohn Koster
TX RX Systems Inc.5301ConfirmedAndrew Johnson
TX RX Systems Inc. Listing at www.PCBoard.caTX RX Systems is the premier provider of RF conditioning solutions for the LMR market with a range of high quality products and services, including tower top amplifiers, duplexers, transmit combiners, receiver multicouplers, filters, antennas, RF components, and field services. Specifically for amateur radio, we specialize in high performance duplexers, filters, power dividers, crossband couplers, customized system designs, and more. Stop by booth 5301/5302 booth to speak to our specialists about how our products and services can optimize your system's operation. TX RX recently joined forces with Combilent, another leading RF conditioning product supplier based in Denmark. Together, we offer a deeper and broader solution portfolio to both the OEM and Field Engineering markets worldwide.
Tactical Public Safety LLC6812ConfirmedTimothy Boukouris
Tarheel Antennas Inc3704-3706ConfirmedGaylen Pearson
Tech in a Day Classroom0ConfirmedDan Romanchik
Tequipment.net & Rigol2801-2803ConfirmedAlice Grogan
The American Legion6702ConfirmedJoshua Marshall
The R.F. Connection5109-5110, 5209-5210ConfirmedJoel Knoblock
The Whistler Group1503-1504ConfirmedWendy Taylor
The Wireman3908-3911ConfirmedPress Jones
Timewave Technology, Inc.5006ConfirmedRandall Gawtry
tornadoAlert5104ConfirmedMickey Lee or David Eaton
tornadoAlert Logo at PCBoard.catornadoAlert Device at PCBoard.caTornado Alert is a scientific breakthrough based upon over 40 years of research. Unlike existing warning technologies, Tornado Alert constantly monitors the skies in real-time for electrical activity, the scientifically proven cause of tornado formation. Tornado Alert will tell you when a tornado, lightning or severe weather is detected within a 30 mile radius of your location, that's up to 30 minutes warning with live proximity status, giving you with critical time to get to safety, day or night.
Tower Electronics3501-3502, 3601-3602ConfirmedScott Cole
Transel Corporation3801-3802ConfirmedDarrell Mckinney
US Postal Service / Dayton Stamp Club6410-6412ConfirmedKenneth Strickland
US Tower Corp.3110-3111ConfirmedVicky Contreras
Universal Radio, Inc.2005-2006ConfirmedFred Osterman
Venturing Crew 734010Confirmed 
Venturing Crew 73
2019 Hamvention® Souvenir Patch and Lanyards: The DARA Amateur Radio Boy Scout Venturing Crew 73 is proud to announce a 2019 souvenir patch. Celebrating AMSAT's 50 years in space. Limited supply, will sell quickly! Also will have the Dayton Hamvention® 2019 souvenir lanyards. We will be at two locations; a tent outside the main gate and in Building 4 at booth 4010 just up the aisle from the Prize Booth. Stop by with your children and have them get a surprise that will make them feel they are "little hams". While supplies last. Thank you for supporting DARA's Amateur Radio Boy Scout Venturing
Vibroplex1607-1609ConfirmedScott Robbins
W2IHY Technologies5001-5002ConfirmedJulius Jones
W5KUB.COM - Web Broadcaster2804-2805ConfirmedTom Medlin W5KUB
W5KUB.COM a - Web Broadcaster Logo at www.PCBoard.caW5KUB.COM - Web Broadcaster Logo at www.PCBoard.caW5KUB.COM will be back again this year webcasting the entire hamvention. We have viewers in over 150 countries. We will show vendors, have special guests, and we will also give out prizes to our viewers. W5KUB.COM gives outapprox $10,000 in prizes each year to our viewers. This is an extension of our weekly live ham radio show "Amateur Radio Roundtable" seen every Tues night on W5KUB.Com and heard on international shortwave station WBCQ on 5130 Khz. Our webcast live broadcast starts Wed May 15th we we begin our 500 mile trip.
Astronaut Douglas Wheelock returns for the 6th year to be co-host of the webcast. Drop by and see him.
W5YI Group-Gordon West Radio School2306, 2406ConfirmedLarry Pollock
WA8JBT6607ConfirmedBob Gardner
Webster Communications Inc.6807-6809ConfirmedRoger Webster
West Mountain Radio3208-3210ConfirmedMark Sigesmund
West Mountain Radio Logo at www.PCBoard.caWest Mountain radio specializes in products for amateur radio, DC power distribution and control, as well as R/C hobbies, We manufacture RIGrunner DC power strips, voltage monitors and tools, and precision battery analysis hardware and software; in addition to RIGblaster sound card interfaces. All of our products are manufactured in the United States of America. Come visit our booth or check us out at www.westmountainradio.com.
Western Case Company6202ConfirmedKathryn Kauffman
Wild Sage Native American Jewelry4310ConfirmedPaul & Natalie Mitchell
Wired Communications, LLC5309-5311ConfirmedRoger Deane
Wired Communications, LLC Logo at www.PCBoard.caWe promise you quality cables, connectors, & adapters at bargain prices with prompt, friendly support with a 2 year warranty. Wiredco.com offers Computer,Video, Audio, Cables, and Connectors plus, LED Lighting. We Specialize in Ham Radio cables, connectors, CAT5e network connectivity and LED lighting plus, HDMI cables, Phone chargers and USB Data. We offer shipping usually within 24hours of placing it with very reasonable Postage.
Wolf River Coils LLC1002ConfirmedTerry Schilling
Young Ladies' Radio League2505ConfirmedAnne WB1ARU
Young Ladies Radio League at www.PCBoard.caStop at Booth 2505 to meet us and learn more about our revitalized and growing group! Young Ladies' Radio League has been uniting YLs around the world for over 75 years on all bands and modes with nets, contests, awards, conventions and meets. Plan to attend the YL Forum on Friday at 2:30 PM in Room 4 and look for other informal gatherings that may pop up around the fairgrounds.
For more information go to www.ylrl.org
Yaesu USA3407-3411, 3507-3511ConfirmedNori Romero
Youth DX Adventure2602ConfirmedDonald J. Dubon
Youth Tech - DARA4001ConfirmedJeff Ullrey
iPortable5205ConfirmedMark Mantia
PCBoard.ca-ConfirmedJohn - VE3SVE
PCBoard.ca Banner
The PCBoard.ca team will be attending Hamvention 2019, but unfortunately, we will not have a booth this year. We invite everyone to visit our online store at www.pcboard.ca.
KB6NUClassroom 1 - CLASS01ConfirmedDan KB6NU
KB6NU Hamvention ListingGet your license in a single day with KB6NU! We cover every single question in the question pool to prepare you for the test, which you take immediately following the class.
Go to https://www.kb6nu.com/product/one-day-tech-class-dayton-hamvention/ for more info.
4 Paws for Ability6404ReservedKalynn Clark
Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship6309ReservedMichael Miller
Connect Systems Inc.6208ReservedJerry Wanger
Embroidery by Joel6111ReservedEldred Swapp
Hamvention Prize Booth4500ReservedNiese Jim
JJ Surplus6707ReservedJon Costein
LeafFilter North, LLC6511ReservedJames Martinez
Mark Enterprises, Inc.6604 6605ReservedMark Hyman
Millner-Haufen Tool Company6705ReservedGarren Katz
Open Research Institute6203ReservedMichelle Thompson
Orison Corporation6212ReservedBlair Jackson
PCnStuff, LLC6207ReservedScott Congdon
QSK, LLC4210ReservedRobert Gunnels
Sinbad Glue5308ReservedCynthia Maffeo
Tech Bond Solutions6710ReservedDon Meyers
TeleUP Inc6408ReservedGustavo Medeiros
The Competition6709ReservedDan Merila
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