Hamvention 2019 – Outdoor Flea Market Vendors

Outdoor Flea Market Vendors

Hamvention consists of both indoor commercial and outdoor flea market vendor locations. The indoor locations are where the larger commercial vendors set up their displays. The outdoor vendor booths contain both commercial and personal flea market sellers.

Hamvention Indoor and Outdoor Maps

Beginning in 2017, Hamvention has a new home in Xenia, Ohio. The new location houses separate buildings for the commercial vendors. 2018 sees the team taking over a previous building that was unavailable in 2017 resulting in more indoor vendor spaces.

Contacting The Hamvention Team

We receive many requests with Flea Market or Exhibitor questions. We are not affiliated with the management team and this limits our knowledge of show activities. For Hamvention questions, we encourage you to contact the dedicated Hamvention teams.

The teams can be reached at exhibits@hamvention.org for indoor exhibit questions, fleamarket@hamvention.org for questions on the flea market, and tickets@hamvention.org for general ticketing inquiries.

Outdoor Flea Market Vendor List

We update the show information on a regular basis, right up until showtime. Don’t forget to visit our Indoor Commercial Vendors page as well.

Hamvention® Booth Assignments
(updated 05-16-2019 @ 05:12 EDT)
Vendor Contact
Company Name
9001-9006 Bruce J Sander EAE Sales
EAE Sales Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca EAE Sales Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca Electronic Assembly Equipment: "Tools and supplies for the professional and serious amateur"
Bench Tools: New and used quality bench tools, magnifier lights, stereo zoom binocular and trinocular microscopes.
Soldering Equipment: Quality soldering tools make all the difference in today's component circuitry. Upgrade your old unregulated, iron to a variable temperature, regulated, grounded tip soldering station today.
Desoldering Equipment: From wicking braid, to manual hand desoldering pumps, to various desoldering guns and stations, to hot air systems for reworking surface mount components, we have it all!
Our booths are located outside the track, right next to the grandstand
PCBoard.ca Banner The PCBoard.ca team will be attending Hamvention 2019, but unfortunately, we will not have a booth this year. We invite everyone to visit our online store at www.pcboard.ca.
For any purchase you make through the online store over $50 until May 20, use Coupon Code hamvention for an extra 10% off your order.
7055 Available
7056 Available
7057 Available
7058 Available
7054 Paid Gregory Holcomb
7060 Available
7061 Available
7062 Available
7063 Available
7064 Available
7065 Available
7066 Available
7059 Paid Andy Bouwman Vintage Tube Serv.
7067 Paid Robert Sullivan
7070 Available
7068-7069 Paid William Jewell
7071 Paid James Waldron Simple Mics
7154 Available
7155 Available
7156 Available
7157 Available
7072-7074 Paid Steve Zlotnick WK3SS Club
7158 Reserved Jim Chaney
7159-7161 Paid Tommy White A&W Communications, Inc.
7163 Available
7164 Available
7165 Available
7166 Available
7162 Paid Eric Polk
7167 Paid John Bowers Moultrie Technologies Inc.
7168-7169 Paid William Jewell
7173 Available
7174 Available
7175 Available
7176 Available
7177 Anthony "Mad Anthony" Forte  
Computer and electronic accessories, including working and parts laptops, tons of cables including cell phone, USB, USB to serial, HDMI, and audio. Maker items including project enclosures and Arduino shields. Cell phone solar chargers. Tons of Radio Shack parts drawer and gravity feed items and batteries. Lots of computer parts and accessories.
7170-7172 Paid Robert Brubaker
7203-7205 Paid Vic Maiewski
7206-7211 Paid Gary Grivna Twin City DX Association
7212-7213 Paid John Poulton
7214-7215 Paid David Moss
7216-7217 Paid Neil Friedman
7218-7219 Paid John Yelmgren
7220 Paid Joe Coffman
7221-7224 Paid Dale Bauer Delaware Amateur Radio Association - K8ES
7233 Available
7234 Available
7235 Available
7236 Available
7232 Paid Jeff Pender
7237 Paid Jack Campellone
7238-7241 Paid William L Fuqua
7242 Paid Michael Davis
7243 Paid Tom Hybiske
7245 Available
7244 Paid John Barnett
7246 Paid David Ehehalt Telco Communications
7247-7248 Paid Dave Marzetti
7249 Paid Steven Rogacki Arrow Commumications
7251 & 7351 Monty Meier N8VD & Dave Balint N8IW  
Amazing deals on ferrites, toroids, connectors, resistors, capacitors, switches, barrier strips, and more!
7254 Available
7250 Paid John Davenport
7256 Available
7255 Paid Howard Evans
7258 Available
7257 Paid Michael Westbrooks
7259-7260 Paid James Elsener
7261-7262 Paid Cliff Hensley
7263-7265 Paid Tim Montgomery METERS - KC4EM
7266 Paid Brian Comer
7267-7271 Paid James Roberts
7273 Available
7274 Available
7275 Available
7272 Paid Bruce Lundy
7277 Available
7278 Available
7279 Available
7280 Available
7281 Available
7282 Available
7283 Available
7276 Paid Jack White
7284-7285 Paid Robert Bastone
7286-7287 Paid Christian Fazi
7303-7304 Paid Ray Dirico Cellular Wholesale.com
7305-7307 Paid Andy Seybold Andrew Seybold, Inc.
7308-7311 Paid Scott Seidel
7312 Paid David Ritchie
7313-7314 Paid Jake Eckardt Rainbow Amateur Radio Club - WK8X
7315-7318 Paid Lee Rhoden
7319 Paid Betty Hebert
7320 Paid Joe Coffman
7321-7322 Paid Bob Stanley
7323-7325 Paid Mike H Goad Mammouth Cave ARC - KY4X
7331 Paid Derwin Goliver
7332-7334 Paid Kelly Milligan
7335-7336 Paid Eric Nelson
7337 Paid Jack Campellone
7338-7341 Paid Daun Yeagley
7342-7343 Paid Walter Klinger TMC Amateur Radio Club - W9TMC
7344-7345 Paid Dr. T Dwaine Riddell Riddell Enterprises, Inc
7346 Paid David Ehehalt Telco Communications
7347-7350 Paid Dave Marzetti
7356 Available
7354-7355 Paid Chuck Penson
7358 Available
7359 Available
7357 Paid Lee Craner
7360-7361 Paid Joseph T Connett
7362-7365 Paid Marc Gaidosh Andromace Enterprises LLC
7366-7367 Paid Brian Comer
7368-7372 Paid Jim Stahl Mad River Radio Club - K8MAD
7375 Available
7373-7374 Paid Jon Oas
7376 Paid Jack White
7377 Paid Steve Szombathy
7378-7384 Paid Darrell Boyer
7385 Paid Fred Mccarter
7386 Paid Gene Tonn
7387-7388 Paid Scott Shaffer
7401-7402 Paid Jason Zwyers
7403-7407 Paid Sam Nabkey
7408 Paid Patrick Paris
7409-7410 Paid Terrance Marsh
7411-7413 Paid Bruce Haffner
7420-7422 Paid Kenneth Meacham
7423-7424 Paid Jim Kamphaus
7425-7427 Paid Gordon Hensley Hunter Electric Co.
7430 Paid Ralph Omness
7431-7432 Paid Mark S Johnson
7433-7434 Paid Michael Parsons
7435-7445 Paid Andrew Bowell Youngstown Radio Service
7449 Available
7450 Available
7451 Available
7446-7448 Paid Joseph Fairclough Radio Club of JHS #22
7454 Paid Philip C Janke
7455 Paid Andrew Sprow
7456-7459 Paid Ralph Steinberger
7463 Available
7464 Available
7465 Available
7460-7462 Paid Paul Streng Red Cedar ARC - N8BU
7467 Available
7468 Available
7469 Available
7470 Available
7466 Paid Bruce Tanner Tech-tiques
7471-7473 Paid Rex Harper QRPme
7474 Paid Dan Kovatch
7480 Available
7481 Available
7475-7479 Paid Richard Herr Herr Electronics
7484 Available
7485 Available
7486 Available
7487 Available
7488 Available
7489 Available
7482-7483 Reserved Jim Small
7490 Paid Matt Harris
7500-7501 Paid Alan Fryer
7502 Paid Kenneth Ciroli
7503-7504 Paid Mike Volle Volle Audio Labs
7505-7507 Paid Ora E Smith Viewpoint Amateur Radio Club - N7VPR
7508 Paid David Parkhill
7509 Paid Vincent Formanek
7510-7511 Paid Frank D Adams
7512-7513 Paid Maurice E Cahill
7520-7521 Paid Larry Wright
7523 Available
7524 Available
7522 Paid Phil Flack
7530 Available
7531 Available
7525-7527 Paid Eric Mazur Mountain Electronics
7532 Paid Michael Parsons
7533 Paid William Schmidt Big Signal Ranch, Inc.
7534-7535 Paid William Swiger
7536-7537 Paid Jim Phillips Tower King
7538-7539 Paid Ted Mcarthur
7540 Paid Richard Truax
7543 Available
7544 Available
7541-7542 Paid Matt Gilbert
7545-7546 Paid Tom Gabor
7549 Available
7550 Available
7551 Available
7547-7548 Paid Jeff Emberg
7555 Available
7554 Paid John Skalski Skalski Home
7559 Available
7556-7558 Paid Paul Alberghini Wireless Consulting, Inc.
7560-7561 Paid Bernie Walsh
7562-7565 Paid Greg Lowry
7566 Paid Steve Gambrell
7568 Available
7567 Paid Frederic Clarke
7569-7572 Paid Robert Uiterwyk
7576 Available
7577 Available
7578 Available
7579 Available
7580 Available
7581 Available
7573-7575 Paid Mike Evans
7583 Available
7584 Available
7582 Paid William Robbins
7585 Paid Sebastien Jean
7586-7588 Paid Henry Hamblin Tri State DSTAR Club - KK4BSG
7589-7591 Paid Trevor Shibley
7602-7604 Jeffrey Goldman G & G Electronics - K3DUA
G & G Electronics Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca I will have a large quantity of used BIRD products. Dozens of wattmeters, hundreds of elements, QC connectors, line sections, meter movements, etc.
7600-7601 Paid Greg Sheard
7605-7608 Paid Alex Chadis NY Communications Radio Club - KD2KAR
7609-7610 Paid Mark Griggs Marion Amateur Radio Club - W8GVB
7611-7612 Paid Max Grove
7613-7618 Paid Lester Turner Jr
7619-7622 Paid Ken Antonelli Western Reserve Radio Club - W8WRC
7623-7627 Paid Jeff Depolo
7630-7631 Paid Ron Rogers Four Lander`s Contest Group - W4NH
7632-7633 Paid George Fryer Brunswick Shores ARC - N4GM
7634-7635 Paid Rex Brown RF Electronics
7638 Available
7639 Available
7636-7637 Paid Joe Munson
7640-7642 Paid Robert T Liddy
7643 Paid Paul Ash
7645 Available
7646 Available
7647 Available
7644 Paid Julian Burke Julian Enterprises
7650 Available
7651 Available
7654 Available
7655 Available
7648-7649 Paid Irwin Darack
7656-7657 Paid Albert Barnett
7661 Available
7658-7660 Paid Don Karvonen
7662-7663 Paid James Totten Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club - W8DGN
7664-7665 Paid Mike Corbett
7666 Paid Richard Hassell-Bennett
7667 Paid Jeff Bell
7668-7669 Paid Mike Cumbo
7670-7671 Paid Steve Greathouse
7672 Paid Martin Grillo
7673 Paid Jerald Abrams
7674-7676 Paid Michael Marx
7679 Available
7680 Available
7677-7678 Paid Michael Trowbridge
7685 Available
7681-7684 Paid John White Beach Trading Corporation
7687 Available
7688 Available
7686 Paid Harold Murray
7689-7691 Paid William Armstrong
7701-7704 Paid Tom Taylor
7705-7707 Paid Alex Chadis NY Communications Radio Club - KD2KAR
7708-7710 Paid Mark Griggs Marion Amateur Radio Club - W8GVB
7711-7713 Paid Ron Odenwald RADAR - WR8DAR
7714-7715 Paid William Klomparens
7716-7717 Paid David Jones D Tech Engineering LLC
7721 Available
7722 Available
7718-7720 Paid Ray Nickell Dayton VA Radio Club - W8DVA
7723-7727 Paid Jeff Depolo
7730-7731 Paid Ron Rogers Four Lander`s Contest Group - W4NH
7732 Paid Gary Wagner
7733 Paid Craig Hibbard
7734 Paid Jack Magar
7736 Available
7737 Available
7738 Available
7739 Available
7735 Paid Terry Endy
7740-7742 Paid John Caldwell
7743-7745 Paid Mark Matthews
7746 Paid Walter Dail
7751 Available
7754 Available
7755 Available
7747-7750 Paid Gary Richardson San Diego Repeater Assoc. - WB6WLV
7756 Paid Vahe Ohanian Ohanian
7757-7760 Paid Bob Ronk Bozo Amateur Radio Fraternity - AB0ZO
7761-7762 Paid Chuck Desantis
7764 Available
7763 Paid Vahe Ohanian Ohanian
7766 Available
7765 Paid Mike Corbett
7769 Available
7767-7768 Paid Jeff Bell
7770-7771 Paid Steve Greathouse
7772-7773 Paid Martin Grillo
7774 Paid Jon Zaimes
7775 Paid Jeff Forkos
7776-7777 Paid Lemon James Lemon James Inc.
7778-7780 Paid Manaen Schlabach
7781 Paid Paul Radloff Radloff
7782-7783 Paid John White Beach Trading Corporation
7784-7785 Paid Chris Shalvoy Rochester DX Association - W2RDX
7788 Available
7786-7787 Paid Gary Schleifer Manchester Midway LLC
7789-7790 Paid William Armstrong
7803-7804 Paid Jeff Weinberg Harbach Electronics
7805 Paid David E Robinson Miami County ARC - W8FW
7806 Paid Steve Schendel
7807 Paid Danny Garris Garris Radio & TV
7808-7809 Paid Charles Agosti
7810 Paid Allen Hiatt
7816 Available
7817 Available
7818 Available
7819 Available
7811-7815 Paid Robert Hinkle
7821 Available
7822 Available
7820 Paid Richard Berris
7823-7825 Paid Mike Bryce Sunlight Energy Systems
7826-7827 Paid Allen Johnson
7830-7834 Paid Ben Hemeetman Ben Hemeetman
7835-7838 Paid David Adams
7839 Paid Ray Fantini
7840-7842 Paid Phillip Riley Scan Shop
7843 Paid Carl Lyster
7844-7845 Paid Dave Hegyera Amateur Radio Legue of Wisconson
7846-7847 Paid Philip Galloway Hangar 18 Surplus
7849 Available
7848 Paid John Davis
7850-7851 Paid Dan Dinkeldein KLD Enterprises
7854-7856 Paid James Andrews
7857-7861 Paid John Focht Railcom
7862 Paid William Scott
7863-7864 Paid Richard Brethold Midwest Amateur Radio Club - W0QJ
7865-7866 Paid Chris Allen Allen`s Communications
7868 Available
7869 Available
7870 Available
7871 Available
7872 Available
7873 Available
7874 Available
7867 Paid Andrew Pato Gateway FM
7875 Paid Stephen Daniluk
7876 Paid David Youtz Champaign County ARES
7880 Available
7881 Available
7877-7879 Paid Rod Roberts
7883 Available
7884 Available
7885 Available
7882 Paid Tommaso Scalcione
7886 Paid Bob Bross Queen City Emergency Net - W8VVL
7889 Mark Gorge & Associate  
Mark Gorge Listing at www.PCBoard.ca Mark Gorge & Associates owns and operates the website www.linearamplifier.info. Please visit and register on the site. Free classified all kinds of unique parts. We buy and sell vacuum tubes. Please visit our booth in the flea market, we always try to bring some special gear. If you have tubes to sell bring them or bring your list.
7887-7888 Paid Masamichi Yamamoto
7907 Available
7908 Available
7905-7906 Paid James Karlow
7909-7912 Paid Dr Thomas Shaffer Elson Amateur Radio Club - W3QAN
7913-7916 Paid Brian Bierer Arizona Repeater Assoc. - W7ARA
7917 Paid Hilton Turner
7918-7920 Paid Matthew Fiebig Neunundneunzig Industries
7921-7922 Paid Paul Zadonia Eagles Landing Radio Club - W8KAF
7923-7924 Paid Christopher Barbb Damon DX Association - K8DXX
7925 Paid John Kelleher BFS
7926-7927 Paid Allen Johnson
7930-7934 Paid Ben Hemeetman Ben Hemeetman
7935-7938 Paid Jane Mytyk L`Anse Creuse ARC - N8LC
7939 Paid Ray Fantini
7943 Available
7940-7942 Paid Dean Laclair Greater Adirondack Rptr. Assoc.- W2TUP
7944 Paid Ronald Crown
7945 Paid Charles Talbott Pinnacle Concepts
7948 Available
7949 Available
7950 Available
7951 Available
7946-7947 Paid Philip Galloway Hangar 18 Surplus
7957 Available
7954-7956 Paid James Andrews
7958-7959 Paid John Focht Railcom
7960-7963 Paid Gene T Haney Lakeshore Repeater Assoc - KR9RK
7964-7966 Paid Chris Allen Allen`s Communications
7968 Available
7969 Available
7970 Available
7967 Paid Andrew Pato Gateway FM
7971-7972 Paid Alex Mokrycki Rifles & Radios - W9RAR
7973-7975 Paid Matthew Ross
7976 Paid David Youtz Champaign County ARES
7978 Available
7977 Paid Edward Pomeroy Self
7980 Available
7981 Available
7982 Available
7983 Available
7984 Available
7979 Reserved Joe Julio
7985-7986 Paid Bob Bross Queen City Emergency Net - W8VVL
7987 Paid Terry Shaver
7988 Paid Mark Parmley
8010-8011 Paid Louis E Mesavage
8012-8013 Paid Gary Madden Mississippi Magnolia Net
8014 Paid Kostadin Stojanov
8015-8016 Paid Tom Perera
8017 Reserved John Roper
8018-8019 Paid Jeff Kruth K-MEC
8020-8024 Paid William Eaton
8025-8027 Paid Howard Gadorus Mercury Systems Corporation
8030-8032 Paid Michael Wolthuis
8033 Paid Richard Berris
8034-8037 Paid Duane Carlisle
8038-8039 Paid Blayne Marek
8040-8042 Paid Thomas Tamarkin Night Tech Industries LLC
8043-8045 Paid Dave Pender Silicone Investigations
8046-8047 Paid Andrew Krew University of Cincinnati ARC - W8YX
8048-8051 Paid Matthew Bacchetta Watts Electronics Inc BIRD
8055 Available
8054 Paid Nixon Pendergrass
8056 Paid Robert Kroll
8057 Paid Douglas Cutlip
8063 Available
8064 Available
8065 Available
8058-8062 Paid Keith Farley I.O.O.K.
8067 Available
8066 Paid John Schneider
8068-8071 Paid Joseph Krajacic N9TAX Labs.
8072-8074 Paid Jeff Wynegar
8079 Available
8080 Available
8075-8078 Paid Mike Turk Surplus Trading Corp
8081-8083 Paid John Hanse Filthy 5 ARC - KE8DUU
8084 Paid Frederick Baker
8120 Available
8114-8119 Paid Richard Hartnett Sight & Sound Entertainment
8121-8124 Paid Kent Britain North Texas Microwave Society - W5HN
8125-8127 Paid Howard Gadorus Mercury Systems Corporation
8130-8132 Paid Michael Wolthuis
8133 Paid Chong Ong
8134-8137 Paid Duane Carlisle
8139 Available
8138 Paid Don Skinner Southeast Mkt, Inc.
8140-8142 Paid Thomas Tamarkin Night Tech Industries LLC
8143 Paid John Ensley
8146 Available
8147 Available
8144-8145 Paid Chuck Leland Leland Research Corp.
8150 Available
8148-8149 Paid Scot Bushong
8154 Available
8151 Paid Eric Ernest
8155 Paid John Lee
8156-8157 Paid Douglas Cutlip
8158 Paid Doug Kilner
8159-8160 Paid Bill Fries Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council - W8ZHO
8161-8163 Paid Sean Ocallaghan
8164-8166 Paid Cal Merritt
8167-8169 Paid Michael Kassay
8170-8171 Paid Stephen Kuck Tryon Amateur Radio Club - K2JJI
8172-8175 Paid Jeff Wynegar
8177 Available
8176 Paid Jason Darnall WMFD
8178 Paid Mike Turk Surplus Trading Corp
8179-8181 Paid Ronald Barton
8208-8211 Paid Joshua Church IESP
8212 Paid Bernard Barink PeKo RF Plus LLC
8213 Paid Michael Cole
8214-8216 Paid Robert Tiller
8217 Paid David Mays
8220 Available
8221 Available
8218-8219 Paid Brian Justin
8222-8225 Paid Kevin Berlen
8231 Available
8226-8230 Paid Aaron Almendinger
8232 Paid Frank Sweeney
8233-8234 Paid Robert Cook
8235-8236 Paid Kelly Flowers
8237-8238 Paid Al Fisher
8239-8242 Paid Melvin Musulin
8245-8247 Ron Beaver WB4OQL
Clyde, NC
Greer Amateur Radio Club W4IQQ
8243-8244 Paid Eric Sloan Pickens County Communications Group - WX4PG
8248 Paid Robert St John
8249-8250 Paid Rick Secrist
8251 Paid Murray Allen
8252-8254 Paid Ted Ryan
8255 Paid Rick Miedema
8256 Paid Peter Stratigos
8257 Paid Dennis Leak
8258 Paid Lyle Laylin
8259-8266 Paid Glenn Hochwalt P&R Communications
8270 Paid Gerald Sitton
8271-8273 Paid Robert Bieker HamTubes.com
8275 Available
8274 Paid Sandy Samuels Sandy`s Communications
8276 Paid John Grindel Mission Radio
8277 Paid William Tolbert Hoosier DMR
8278-8280 Paid Jordan Carter
8281 Paid Werner Zackschewski
8297-8300 Paid Ronald Spaulding
8301-8304 Paid Ernie Howard Jr Dial Radio Club - W8BLV
8309-8311 Paid Dean Bogucki
8312 Paid Jeffrey Covelli
8313 Paid Ray Stone
8315 Available
8316 Available
8314 Paid Lloyd Opp
8317 Paid Gerald Barnett Jerry`s
8318 Paid Bruce Findley
8319 Paid Rick Thompson US Electronics
8320-8321 Paid Charles Holland CTRS
8322-8326 Paid Dale Gagnon
8401 Available
8327-8332 Paid Richard O Cobb Rocco Enterprises Inc
8403 Available
8404 Available
8405 Available
8406 Available
8407 Available
8402 Paid David Feldman
8410 Available
8411 Available
8412 Available
8408-8409 Paid John Stanford Tork Technologies, LLC
8413 Paid Sid Lipkowitz
8416 Available
8417 Available
8414-8415 Paid David Jones
8418 Paid Brian Wilson
8419 Paid Alan Nordin
8421 Available
8422 Available
8420 Paid Terence Cost
8423-8424 Paid Mike Cleary
8425-8426 Paid Steve Jones
8429 Available
8430 Available
8427-8428 Paid Richard Reel
8431-8434 Paid Christopher Oliphant
8435-8436 Paid Rick Weber Ohio Packet Group - N8IRA
8439 Available
8440 Available
8437-8438 Paid Dale Huber Mound ARA - W8DYY
8441-8442 Paid Frank Smoyer Upper Ohio Valley Digital Group
8443-8444 Paid Craig Goldbeck
8445 Paid Wayne Mckenzie
8449 Available
8450 Available
8451 Available
8446-8448 Paid Mark Hinkleman Adrian Amateur Radio Club - W8TQE
8452-8453 Paid Ken Rueth
8454 Paid Werner Zackschewski
8997 Paid Steve Johnston
8998 Paid Hap Perry
8999 Paid John Davison
9001-9006 Bruce J Sander EAE Sales
EAE Sales Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca EAE Sales Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca Electronic Assembly Equipment: "Tools and supplies for the professional and serious amateur"
Bench Tools: New and used quality bench tools, magnifier lights, stereo zoom binocular and trinocular microscopes.
Soldering Equipment: Quality soldering tools make all the difference in today's component circuitry. Upgrade your old unregulated, iron to a variable temperature, regulated, grounded tip soldering station today.
Desoldering Equipment: From wicking braid, to manual hand desoldering pumps, to various desoldering guns and stations, to hot air systems for reworking surface mount components, we have it all!
Our booths are located outside the track, right next to the grandstand
9007-9008 Robert Tywlak DIY Solar for U
DIY Solar for U Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca
We do Solar Charge Controllers Right. Low RFI Radio Friendly, Highest Efficiency MPPT , 12 and 24 volt systems small to large We will have product on special show pricing 25 and 230 / 460 Watt Models available.
9009 Available
9010 Available
9011 Available
9000 Paid Karl Johnson
9012-9015 Paid Larry Ince Edgar Communications
9016-9017 Paid Christopher Gass
9018 Paid John Bacon
9019 Paid Steve Walters
9020-9021 Paid Terry Kovacs
9022-9023 Paid Robert F Burkett
9024 Paid Edward Wirtz
9025 Paid Bernard Bargfrede
9026-9028 Paid Bruce & Kay Thompson W9KAY
9029 Paid Robert Watson
9032 Paid Ken Ores
9033 Paid Bruce & Kay Thompson W9KAY
9034 Paid Tony Schroeder
9035 Paid Steve Widdett
9036 Paid Derek Hay
9037-9038 Paid Jim Nance
9039 Paid Segon Jang
9042 Mike March March Magnetic Paddles
March Magnetic Paddles Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca March Magnetic Paddles Listing I have been producing March Magnetic Paddles for over 30 years. The magnetic design has proven itself to be smooth and reliable. Brass, German-silver, ebony and acrylic are used in the crafting of a key that will last a lifetime. Please stop by my Hamvention booth or go to my website for more information.
9041 Paid Joe Sluz
9043 Paid Jae Himes
9044 Paid Marion Miller
9048-9049 Paid James Lancaster Butler County VHF Assn. - W8CCI
9050 Paid Mary Holtschneider
9051 Paid Glenn Baumgartner none
9052 Paid George H Rancourt
9053-9054 Paid David Autry Northern Ohio DX Assoc. - W8DXA
9055 Paid George Donavan
9056-9057 Paid David Autry Northern Ohio DX Assoc. - W8DXA
9058-9059 Paid Mary Michaelis
9060 Paid Glen Cooper
9061-9063 Paid Edward Parish
9066-9068 Paid William Ribish
9069 Paid Dale Cohen
9070 Paid James R Sjoberg Jr
9071 Reserved David Tritch Flea Market Chairman
9072-9075 Paid Terry Price Directive Systems and Engineering
9101 Paid Ira Moser MECO
9102 Paid Bruce A Lordi
9103-9104 Paid Mark Spradlin Brush Creek Radio Club
9105 Paid Steven Koogler Drake ARC - W8CYE
9106-9107 Paid Lee Kermode K8MMM Radio Club
9108-9109 Paid David Archer Paxton Communications Engineering - W8PCE
9110-9111 Paid Mike Archer Phoneton Station Contesters - W8PR
9112-9117 Paid Scott Cole Tower Electronics
9118 Paid Donald Fox
9119-9124 Paid Michael Fisher
9201-9202 Paid Ira Moser MECO
9203-9204 Paid Mark Spradlin Brush Creek Radio Club
9205 Paid Steven Koogler Drake ARC - W8CYE
9206-9207 Paid Lee Kermode K8MMM Radio Club
9208-9209 Paid David Archer Paxton Communications Engineering - W8PCE
9210-9211 Paid Mike Archer Phoneton Station Contesters - W8PR
9212-9217 Paid Scott Cole Tower Electronics
9218 Paid Donald Fox
9219-9220 Paid James Roseman
9221 Paid Kenneth Parker
9301-9303 Paul Kluwe, W8ZO Kadette Krewe d'Radio
Kadette Krewe dRadio Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca Again this year the Kadette Krewe d'Radio will have on hand KI7EIW, KF6I, K9MBS, KE9PQ, K9RA, K8SU, K3USC, W9YAC, W8ZO, W9ZR and many others. As usual, there will be some Krewe radios for sale along with complimentary & colorful premium beaded necklaces. This year's Featured Crewe Vendor is John Stanford KF6I of ISLAND AMPLIFIER. John makes reproduction panels and parts for many Alpha Amplifiers - among other things! John's information is at www.islandamplifier.com. Anything KREWE APPROVED has got to be GREAT! Stop by and say hello - look for the bright green canopies at the Front of the Front Lot or get more information along with a map at www.kadette.com
9304-9310, 9404-9410 Sam Adams Sam Adams
Satellite Sam Adams KG4JMN, will feature Surplus Hound,Sam Powers with his HamShack Ambulance,as well as deals on Hex Beam Antenna. You will also find Sulley with his great closeouts on Computor accessories, Laptops and PC deals. Satellite Sam will be celebrating his 34rd Dayton and his 83nd Birthday with Great Deals. Due to Health this will be my last year as Vendor.Everything will be Discounted and Volume Buyers can get up to 50% off, and Since Sam is a DAV, and Cancer Suvivor a large amount of Sales is being Donated to Veterans Org, and Cancer Society, and Sam thanks Everyone for years of Being associated with HamFests. Rechargable Flashlights at $9.00 Set, lowest price ever and Button Batteries like 2032, AG13,etc at $1.50 a card or 4 Cards for $5.00 No Limits. Health Problems are making Hamfest a great problem and this may be one of Sams last, so Every item is avail in quanities at liqudation prices. Honest John Hill will be with Sam this year, and he has great supplies and prices on small hand tools and gadgets. Any Dealer buying all of any item from Sam at the already low price will get at least 50% more off. Also reduce price of Rechargables Flashlights to $6, just to show This is really last Big Fest. EVERYTHING MUST GO. Spaces 9304-9310 and 9404-9410
9225 Paid John Lewis Tri State Escrap
9321-9322 Paid Lawrence Puljic LP Sound
9323-9324 Paid George Anderson Tubelab Inc.
9325-9326 Paid Bob Straley
9327 Paid Dilovan Perwer
9328 Paid William Cusa Tech Systems
9331 Paid Richard Benedict
9332 Paid Jerzy George Kowalczyk
9333-9337 Paid James Kreuzer Play Things of Past
9338-9339 Paid Richard Evans
9340-9342 Paid Russell Apgar Northeast Amateur Radio Club - KC1DFS
9343 Paid Wayne Pecena
9344 Paid Don Singerhouse
9345-9346 Paid Dean Mckinley Newcastle 2-Way
9401-9403 Paid Randy Schaaf
9421 Paid Ken Niese ESL Surplus
9422 Paid Steve Thomason
9423-9424 Paid Mike Compton
9425-9426 Paid Alvin Norris
9427-9428 Paid William Cusa Tech Systems
9431-9438 Paid Larry Danna Ashton Radio Communications Society
9439 Paid Tim O'Rourke
9440-9442 Paid Levi Luckenbaugh Industrial Alchemy
9443 Paid Stephen White
9444-9445 Paid Thomas Abell Creative Ideaotics
9446 Paid Harold Macfarlane
9501-9504 Paid Larry Danna Ashton Radio Communications Society
9507 Available
9505-9506 Paid Kenneth Mcartney
9508-9509 Paid Kevin Walsh Central Ohio Digital Interconnect Group
9510 Paid David Lester
9511 Paid Roger Given
9512-9513 Paid Donald Whiteman North Shore Radio Club - NS9RC
9514-9517 Paid Rick Stealey Wailua Amateur Radio Assoc. - KH6NN
9518 Paid Jerry Haislip
9519-9520 Paid Gary Morgan South Lyon ARC - N8SL
9521 Paid Macy Hallock
9522-9525 Paid William Perry William Perry Co
9526-9528 Paid Barry Buelow
9529 Paid Dwight Aussieker Aussieker Custom
9530 Paid Craig Harbeson Ohio Valley Experimeter`s Club - KD8LBS
9531-9532 Paid Steve Schuck
9533-9534 Paid Kenneth Talbott
9535-9536 Paid Chris Radicke
9537-9541 Paid Michael Bird High Noon Trading Co.
9542 Paid Earl Gray
9545 Paid Andy Demland
9546-9547 Paid Michael P Sercer
9605 Available
9606 Available
9601-9604 Paid Larry Danna Ashton Radio Communications Society
9607-9613 Paid Emil Devcic
9614-9618 Paid John Baranosky Go Vertical USA
9619 Paid Daniel Guernsey
9620 Paid Jerry Haislip
9621-9624 Paid Joe Kahler
9625-9628 Paid Joseph Schott Cherryland Amateur Radio Club - W8TCM
9629 Paid Dwight Aussieker Aussieker Custom
9630 Paid Craig Harbeson Ohio Valley Experimeter`s Club - KD8LBS
9631 Paid Jim Branstetter
9632-9634 Paid Andy Corbin Goat Mtn Radio Assoc - W5CUI
9643 Available
9635 Paid John Mathis
9644-9646 Paid Nicholas Hyer Purdue University ARC - W9YB
9647 Paid Doug Sipple Radio Amatuers of Corry - W3YXE
9701-9703 Paid Ellwood E Brem Centre Communications Inc.
9704 Paid Anthony Luscre
9705 Paid Jimmy Sorrells
9706-9707 Paid Constance Kelly
9708 Paid Jennifer Rojowski
9709-9710 Paid Gerald Kessler Communications Transmission LLC
9711-9713 Paid Charles Scott
9713 Paid Mitch Stern Ham Radio Class
9713 Reserved Front Lot Blocked Fm
9714-9715 Paid Jan Surber
9716 Paid Michael Kosch
9717-9719 Paid Bryan Dunn
9720 Paid James Millsap
9721-9722 Paid David Pelaez
9723 Paid Rod Landers
9724 Paid Coleen - Chuck Robideaux
9725-9726 Paid John Slough
9727-9728 Paid John Shingara
9728, 9728 Paid James Cessna Airwaves
9729-9730 Paid Danny Taylor
9731 Paid Steven Deines Alpha Antenna
9731 Paid John Perlick Aria Corporation
9750-9753 Paid Willaim Klepser Niagara Frontier Radiosport - NF2RS
9754 Paid Jim Bergman
9755-9757 Paid Richard L Wood
9758-9759 Paid Jerzy George Kowalczyk
9760 9761 9762 Paid Thomas Ford
Total Booth Count: 1376
(Booths Paid and Reserved: 1154     Booths Reserved: 24     Booths Open: 195     Unique Vendors: 520 )