Hamvention 2023 – Indoor Commercial Vendors

Dayton Hamvention 2023 Innovation

The Dayton Hamvention consists of both indoor commercial and outdoor flea market vendor locations. The indoor locations are where the larger commercial vendors set up their displays. The outdoor vendor booths contain both commercial and personal flea market sellers. The Dayton Hamvention for 2023 is happening May 19 – 21 bringing in over 30,000 guests from across North America and from around the world. If you are visiting Hamvention and need Hotel or Motel information, the Hamvention website has a great selection of lodging options.

Hamvention Indoor and Outdoor Maps

Beginning in 2017, Hamvention has a new home in Xenia, Ohio. The new location houses separate buildings for the commercial vendors. 2018 sees the team taking over a previous building unavailable in 2017, resulting in more indoor vendor spaces.

Contacting The Hamvention Team

We receive many requests with Flea Market or Exhibitor questions. We are not affiliated with the management team and this limits our knowledge of show activities. For Hamvention questions, we encourage you to contact the dedicated Hamvention teams.

The teams can be reached at exhibits@hamvention.org for indoor exhibit questions, fleamarket@hamvention.org for questions on the flea market, and tickets@hamvention.org for general ticketing inquiries.

Dayton Hamvention Vendors – Indoor Commercial Vendor List

We update the show information daily, right up until showtime. Don’t forget to visit our Outdoor Flea Market Booth Assignment page as well.

Downloadable PDF Vendor Lists

PDF: Downloadable Commercial and Flea Market (2023 versions will be available in early May 2023) vendor lists are now available in PDF format. Store these on your mobile device for easy access during Hamvention to get all the detailed information available on all vendors.

Minimal Responsive HTML Listings: Also available are fast-loading responsive HTML pages with only the booth information. See our Commercial and Flea Market listings.

All pages are updated at least once per day until show day.

Hamvention® Commercial Booth Assignments
(updated 03-28-2023 @ 20:10 EDT)
Booths Available For Immediate Booking 1001 1301 3803 4005 4206 4208 4211 4307 5103 5104 5105 5210
10-10 International Net, Inc. 3810 Confirmed Keith Schlottman
405 Laserworks LLC 1907 Confirmed Bryan Mackey
ABR Industries 3211 Confirmed Chuck Abramson
ADSBexchange.com 1402 Confirmed Daniel Streufert
AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corp.) 1007-1010, 1107-1110 Confirmed Philmore Smith
AREDN Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (MVMA) 1205 Confirmed Charles Gelm
ARISS-USA 4301-4302 Confirmed Frank Bauer
ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio 2001-2004, 2101-2104, 2201-2204, 2301-2304, 2401-2404 Confirmed Bob Inderbitzen
Airspy.US 1201-1202 Confirmed Joe Mcelhaney
Alfa Radio Ltd. 2106, 2206 Confirmed J. T. (Mitch) Mitchell
Alfa Radio Ltd. Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caAlfa Radio Ltd. Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caAlfa Rotators - Let us show you how we can TURN your world around! Reliable and built to last. We know firsthand how important a reliable rotator is to your amateur radio needs. We, as active amateurs, use our Alfa Rotators. We would not confidently sell them to you if we did not believe in them.
Main features are: Low voltage operation (12 to 24 D.C. Volts), 720 degree rotation, Double worm gear drive, Computer interface included with controller, Rotator is simple; "smarts" in the control unit.

Models: Azimuth Only, Azimuth and Elevation - EME, SAT, Ring Rotator
sales@alfaradio.ca - www.alfaradio.ca - 780 466 5779
Alinco Inc. 3007-3008 Confirmed Raj Gounder
Alpha Antenna 3107, 3207 Confirmed Steven Deines
Alpha RF Systems \ Dishtronix \ Ten-Tec 1807-1808 Confirmed Mike Dishop
Amateur Radio Digital Communications 1302 Confirmed John Hays
ARDC Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caAmateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) promotes and supports amateur radio by managing the 44Net (AMPRNet) address space and making grants to amateur radio clubs, educational institutions, and open-source development projects that advance amateur radio technology. To learn more about ARDC, please visit https://www.ardc.net.
Amateur Television Network 1003-1004 Confirmed David Stepnowski
Ameritron 1803-1804 Confirmed Richard Stubbs
Arrow Antenna 1106 Confirmed Tim Chapman
bhi Ltd 1911 Confirmed Graham Somerville
bhi Ltd Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caCome and see us on booth 1911 for live demonstrations of our new DSP noise cancelling products. We will have all our latest products and noise cancelling products are. We will have all our latest products and accessories to show you!accessories to show you!

Checkout our website https://www.bhi-ltd.com/.
BRIDGECOM SYSTEMS, INC. 1103-1104 Confirmed Ron Ron Kochanowicz
Barrett Communications / Royal Comm Inc. 4109 Confirmed Tom Haggerty
Batteries America 3808 Confirmed Russell Craig
Begali Keys 2307-2308, 2407-2408 Confirmed The Begali Team
Begali Keys logo

Pietro Begali produces some of the worlds finest electro-mechanical precision components along with their exclusive line of fine keys and paddles for the ham community. Stop in and visit with them at the show or visit them online at www.i2rtf.com.
Buckmaster International 5106 Confirmed Daniel Bateman
Buddipole 3003-3006 Confirmed Chris Drummond
COMPACtenna 5208 Confirmed 'Dr. Jack', N8NDL
COMPACtenna Logo Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caCOMPACtenna: Small Powerful Antennas   Patented Technology
 Ham Radio - 2 Meters, 220, 440 MHz
 LMR - Land Mobile Radio - Public Service - Local, State, Feveral Government, Commercial
Base Station
 Use the COMPACtenna Mobile Antennas on the COMPACtenna Optimized
CompacCounterpoise Base Station Radial System
See our Website for more information
CW Operator`s Club 5102 Confirmed Don Greenbaum
Cable Experts 1701-1702 Confirmed Michael Genzel
Chatt Radio 1903-1906 Confirmed Jim Gifford
CHELEGANCE JNCRadio 5303 Confirmed Jesse Chen
Chelegance JNCRadio Logo at www.PCBoard.ca
Ride the trend of Amateur Radio together with JNCRadio

Civil Air Patrol 4006 Confirmed Amber Foster
Collins Collectors Association 2005-2006 Confirmed Scott Kerr
Comet Antenna / Daiwa Meters 3304-3306 Confirmed Mick Stwertnik
Courage Kenny Handiham Program 5001 Confirmed Lucinda Moody
Cushcraft Amateur Radio Antennas 1706 Confirmed Richard Stubbs
Cutco Cutlery 5205 Confirmed Ray Sumner
DARA - International Relations 2601 Confirmed Gary Descombes
DARA Membership 4007-4008 Confirmed Jeff Devoe
DARA Special Event Station 2706-2707 Confirmed Dayton Amateur Radio Asso Dara
DARC (German Amateur Radio Club) 2503 Confirmed Thomas Wrede
DX Engineering 1207-1210, 1307-1311, 1407-1411, 1508-1511 Confirmed
DX EngineeringAt DX Engineering, Amateur Radio is what we know. Our customer service experts understand your need for top-performing and reliable gear. Visit DX Engineering.com to see the latest products from DX Engineering, including many items from the other Amateur Radio brands. Our Sales/Technical staff has over 900 years of ham radio experience, talk to them at 1-800-777-0703.

From radios to station accessories, antennas to coaxial cable, and right down to the clamps and hardware that bring it all together,build a better station with DX Engineering - learn how at DXEngineering.com.
DZKit 1604-1606 Confirmed Brian Wood
Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau (Montegomery) 4306 Confirmed Sonya Harchaoui
Dayton Skywarn 4308 Confirmed Louis Long
Diamond Antenna 3401-3406 Confirmed Wayne Bauman
E-Blox Inc 4305 Confirmed Joe Seymour
Elecraft, Inc. 1707-1711 Confirmed Madelyn Gomez
FAIRS Amateur International Radio Service 4207 Confirmed Gaynell Larsen
FIRST Robotics 4004 Confirmed Kerry Hicks
Fast Track Ham Radio Books & Presentations 1908 Confirmed Michael Burnette
Flagpoles by Uncommon USA Inc. 3204 Confirmed Mike Harrison
FlexRadio Systems 2007-2009, 2107-2108, 2207-2208 Confirmed Lori Hicks
Futronics 1801 Confirmed Mike Gruss
GUOHETEC 1611 Confirmed James Martin
GigaParts 3607-3611, 3708-3711 Confirmed Steve Molo
GigaParts Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca

GigaParts, Inc. is a full service computer and amateur radio store. Our radio department features the latest products from manufacturers such as Alinco, Icom, Kenwood®, Yaesu, MFJ, Diamond, and many more. Whether you're a DX'er looking for the latest HF rig or a soon-to-be-HAM looking for study materials and a two-meter handie talkie, we have what you need!

Shop us at GigaParts.com or call Sales 866-535-4442 9am-6pm CST.
Gold Medal Ideas 2701-2704 Confirmed Ron Kritzman
Gold Medal Ideas at www.PCBoard.ca
Greene County Conv. & Visitors Bureau 5311 Confirmed Jessica Schwartzkopf
HFSignals Corporation 5304 Confirmed Ehsanuddin Mohammed
Halibut Electronics 3011 Confirmed Mark Smith
Ham Community 1809 Confirmed Jim Alyanak - K3MRI
Ham Community Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca
Join Ham Community and our growing sister sites. Our sites are a public service - they are free to joinand free to use and best of all, advertising-free (that's no ads!). Ham Community is now a proud partner of the newly formed Ham Alliance.
Ham Radio Deluxe 2801-2803 Confirmed Lindy Southwell
Ham Radio Outlet 3307-3311 Confirmed Luke Rohn
Hamsource 3903-3906 Confirmed John Kalotai
Hamvention Prize Booth 4500 Confirmed Elizabeth Klinc
HobbyPCB 1912 Confirmed Curtis Pope
Huntsville Hamfest 4110 Confirmed Mark Brown
Hy-Gain Antennas 1806 Confirmed Richard Stubbs
Hytech Marketing 3102, 3202 Confirmed Susan Molnar
ICOM America 2508-2509, 2608-2610, 2708-2709 Confirmed Jesse Skipton
Information Station Specialists 1002 Confirmed Bill Baker
Inside Exhibits 2602, 2604-2605, 2701, 3611, 0 Confirmed Mike Berger
JT Communications 3703 Confirmed Jim Trapani
JVC Kenwood 1503-1505, 1603 Confirmed Rebecca Hinton
Japan Amateur Radio League, Inc 2805 Confirmed Yoshinori Takao
K2BSA - ARA & Radio Scouting 2205 Confirmed Bill Stearns
K6BP 1909 Confirmed Bruce Perens
KB3IFH QSL Cards 4212 Confirmed Randy Dorman
LUSO 3105-3106, 3205-3206 Confirmed Kazue Shimoda
LeafFilter Gutter 3809 Confirmed Kate Conner
Libre Space Foundation 1005-1006 Confirmed Pierros Papadeas
Lido Mounts 2506-2507 Confirmed Jim Newcomb
Lido Mounts Logo at www.PCBoard.caLido Mounts supplies no holes mounting solutions, and if you want to drill we have those to, for just about any mobile electronic device. We offer custom mounting plates that work in harmony with the manufacturers mounting system for Amateur and Commercial transceivers. Of course we have a full line of holders and mounts for Smart Phones, Tablets, GoPro, Cameras.
Linux in the Ham Shack 5004 Confirmed Russ Woodman
CIRO MAZZONI LOOP ANTENNA by I3VHF 3009 Confirmed Ciro Mazzoni I3VHF
LOOP ANTENNA by I3VHF Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caThe CIRO MAZZONI LOOP ANTENNA was designed and handmade with pride in Italy by Ciro I3VHF, who dedicated his professional life to experimentation and testing in order to produce an antenna for hams who have limited space for their aerials, yetstill want a quality antenna.

The CIRO MAZZONI LOOP ANTENNA has small dimension but high efficiency. Due to its narrow bandwitdh, noise is practically zero and can operate from almost any place. No noise, no limits!
M2 Antenna Systems, Inc. 3302 Confirmed Robert Brown
MARS, Combined MARS 1810 Confirmed Richard George
MFJ Enterprises Inc 1703-1705 Confirmed Richard Stubbs
Mastrant Antenna Guying 3001-3002 Confirmed Martin Huml
Mastrant Antenna GuyingMastrant - Everything You Need For Antenna Guying
We specialize in products and advice on guying and truss support of antennas and other structures. Our main products are optimized synthetic ropes designed for outdoor use and appropriate accessories. Guying mast clamps and all of the ropes are made in the Czech Republic.
Mirage / Vectronics 1805 Confirmed Richard Stubbs
Momobeam 5006 Confirmed Mark Pride
N3ZN Keys 1203-1204 Confirmed Tony Baleno N3ZN
N3ZN Logo Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca

NOAA - National Weather Service 4308 Confirmed Brandon Peloquin
NVIS/Codan Communications Consulting 5002 Confirmed John Rosica
National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting 1910 Confirmed Joseph Molter
NuView Clear 3804 Confirmed Nick Inman
OM International Sideband Society 2502 Confirmed Carrie Krueger
Orlando HamCation 4209-4210 Confirmed John Knott
Peet Bros. Company, Inc. 5202-5204 Confirmed Dave Miller
PreppComm 3108-3109 Confirmed Eric Anderson
QRP - ARCI 5107-5108 Confirmed William Ravenel
QRP Labs 2603 Confirmed Hans Summers
QRPworks 2804 Confirmed Stephen Silverman
Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) 5310 Confirmed President,
Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.caWe are proudly celebrating our 75th Anniversary, and we want you to know how we plan to make the next 75 years a huge success for QCWA and the Members.

Were you first licensed in 1998? If you were licensed more than 25 years ago, (continuously not required) and are currently licensed today, you are eligible to join the Quarter Century Wireless Association. We offer a monthly digital eJournal with high resolution color pictures, all with many hyper links.

See what we are all about at https://www.qcwa.org.

This year we will be holding the Annual Members' Meeting and Forum during Hamvention on Saturday, May 20 at 1:40 to 2:40 PM in Forum Room 4. See you all there!
Quicksilver Radio 3503-3506, 3603-3606 Confirmed John Bee
Quicksilver Radio carries The Best in Ham Radio ! Our products include Go-Kits and supplies, Anderson Powerpoles, Coax Cable, Antenna Wire, RF Connectors and Adapters, Crimp Tools, Soldering Irons, Meters, Test Equipment, and more.
Your Favorite Amateur Radio Supplier
Quicksilver Radio Hamvention Listing at www.PCBoard.ca
R & L Electronics 1303-1306, 1403-1406 Confirmed Roger Smallwood
RF-KIT 3901-3902 Confirmed Reinhard
rf-kit.de Logo at www.PCBoard.caRF2K-S Power Amplifier Made in Germany, Distributed by a Island Amplifier USA (www.islandamplifier.com)
Most advanced SSPA on market.
FCC certified ready to go legal limit HF amplifier with build in tuner and all interfaces you can think of.
RFinder, LLC 4111 Confirmed Bob Greenberg
RT Systems 3806 Confirmed Karin Thompson
RV Radio Network 2105 Confirmed Calvin Means KC1M
RV Radio Network Logo at www.PCBoard.caThe RV Radio Network (RVRN) is an ARRL affiliated association of Amateur Radio Operators who share an interest in Recreational Vehicles.

See our website for more infos.
Rabbit Laser USA 4011-4013 Confirmed Raymond L Scott
Radio Amateurs of Canada 2504 Confirmed Phil Mcbride
Radio Club of America 1811 Confirmed Amy Beckham
Radio Society of Great Britain 2305, 2405 Confirmed Mark Allgar
Radiosport Headsets 4107-4108 Confirmed Dave Bottom
ReLite 1502, 1602 Confirmed Eric Parsley
RigExpert USA 5207 Confirmed Yuri Onipko
Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) 4112 Confirmed Ted K8AQM/VE9AQM
Straight Key Century Club Logo at www.PCBoard.caThe Straight Key Century Club is the most active group of mechanical-key Morse code radiotelegraph operators in the world. Founded in January 2006, we have over 25,000 membersaround the globe. There are many awards and monthly activities for members to participateand enjoy. Membership in The Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) is absolutely free.
Salvation Army SATERN 5109-5110 Confirmed Major Michele Heaver
Scanner Master Corp. 3303 Confirmed Richard Barnett
Shack-in-a-Box 1401 Confirmed James Lea
SignMan of Baton Rouge 3701-3702 Confirmed Rick Pourciau
Southwest Ohio GMRS Association 1802 Confirmed Jamie Isaacs
SteppIR Communication Systems 1501, 1601 Confirmed John Mertel
System A.V. Co 3010 Confirmed Hazel Fu
TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio) 5009-5011 Confirmed Tom Holmes
Tarheel Antennas Inc 3704-3706 Confirmed Gaylen Pearson
The Competition 5308-5309 Confirmed Dan Merila
The Wireman 3908-3911 Confirmed Deborah Atkins
Tower Electronics 3501-3502, 3601-3602 Confirmed Scott Cole
Transel Corporation 3801-3802 Confirmed Darrell Mckinney
US Tower Corp. 3110-3111 Confirmed Gary Smith
The Unseen Bean Coffee 3012 Confirmed Gerry Leary WB6IVF
The Unseen Bean Coffee Logo at www.PCBoard.caCoffee is a Cup of Hope in a World full of Chaos! Come and stop by at Booth 3012 for a smile and a free cup of our Selected Blends KILOWATT or CONTESTERS and many more for sale.

The Unseen Bean Specialty Coffee Roasters Since 2003.See our website www.theunseenbean.com for more infos.
VE2DX Electronics 1506 Confirmed Richard G. Desaulniers Sr.
VE2DX Logo at www.PCBoard.ca

Please look us up in Building 1 at Booth 1506, to see our GREAT lineup of products, like our NEW ICOM HDMI Interface, ICOM CI-V Hubs, including the only Bluetooth link CI-V Hubs confirmed to be working to add 5 CI-V ports on the IC-705 via a Bluetooth link.
Be ready for our announcements.
VHQ HEX 3104 Confirmed David M Lavoie
Venture Crew 73 4010 Confirmed George Ewingg
Vibroplex 1607-1610 Confirmed Scott Robbins
W5YI Group-Gordon West Radio School 2306, 2406 Confirmed Larry Pollock
WRTC 2023 1507 Confirmed Adrian Ciuperca
Watts Electronics 3103, 3203 Confirmed Matthew Bacchetta
Webster Communications Inc. 3101, 3201 Confirmed Roger Webster
West Mountain Radio 3208-3210 Confirmed Joey Didion
Western Case Company 3805 Confirmed Kathryn Kauffman
Wild Sage Native American Jewelry 4310 Confirmed Wild Sage Jewelry Paul Mitchell
Wolf River Coils LLC 1101-1102 Confirmed Terry Schilling
YLRL 2505 Confirmed Anne Manna
Yaesu USA 3407-3411, 3507-3511 Confirmed Nori Romero
Youth DX Adventure YDXA 2602 Confirmed Donald J. Dubon
Youth Tech - DARA 4001 Confirmed Jane Deeter
Youth on the Air - YOTA 4303-4304 Confirmed Neil Rapp
American Contingency 1206 Reserved Stephanie Ameiss
American Red Cross 5007 Reserved David Humphreys
BF TECHNIC ARTS LTD dba QSL CONCEPT 3811 Reserved Fabrice Bertron
Bird 4311 Reserved Dana Svilar
Eagle One Antenna 1105 Reserved Tristan Morgan
HamSCI 5008 Reserved Nathaniel Frissell
HamStudy.org 1901 1902 Reserved Richard Bateman
MARAC 4106 Reserved Kerry Long
MARCO-Medical Amateur Radio Council 5209 Reserved Jay Garlitz
Nuts & Volts / Servo Magazine 5003 Reserved Robin Lemieux
QSO Radio Show 4312 4313 Reserved Ted Randall
RadioWavz 2606 2607 Reserved Jillian Hohensee
SCARS Summit County Amateur Radio Soceity 5206 Reserved Steve Greathouse
TXRX SYSTEMS, INC. 5301 5302 Reserved Andrew Johnson
Team XCR 3301 Reserved Barry Buelow
Unique Commercial Exhibits: 162  (occupying 354 booths) with 12 booth(s) available for booking
Exhibitors Paid (Confirmed): 147 and 15 unpaid (Reserved)
Paid Booths (Confirmed): 335   Unpaid Booths (Reserved): 19