LED Dazzler – HL1606 LED Ribbon Controller

Intelligent Controller for HL1606 5V LED Ribbons

LED Dazzler - HL1606 LED Ribbon Controller

The LED Dazzler is a very complex, yet simple design used to control an HL1606 based LED ribbon. Original concept and software: based on an article by John Cohn posted as an Instructable.

The LED Dazzler controls 5 volt HL1606 LED ribbons using a minimal amount of components. Each produces a full halo of colors in stunning display patterns and sequences.

A PICAXE 08-M processor runs the LED Dazzler. Each pre-programmed processor contains lighting sequences and base code

The processor accepts custom sequences using an inexpensive programmer. Programmers compatible with the PICAXE 08-M will work for writing the code to the chip.

Users Guide

Your LED Dazzler is available assembled, or as a kit of components, you can build at home. A bare board is available where you can supply your parts. The average assembly time by the novice builder is about 15 minutes.

An instruction manual with a construction guide, schematics, and detailed assembly instructions is available.

Programming Code

The processor is based on the PICAXE 8-pin processor. The original code design was for the PICAXE-08. The PICAXE-08M2 is an updated version of the PICAXE-08. The new 08M2 processor has many new features, including expanding the RAM from 256 to 2048 bytes. This expansion in storage allows for much larger and fancier display sequences.

We do not have any sequences which use the extra RAM capabilities. We released a small update to the original code customized for the 08M2 processor. We are always looking for user-contributed code. If you have a customized sequence you would like to share with others; we would be happy to post it here.

Download original LED Dazzler code for the PICAXE-08
Download updated LED Dazzler code for the PICAXE-08M2

Close-Up View

The board is a high-quality, double-sided board complete with solder masks on both sides. Plated holes along with a high-contrast silk-screen to label component positions speed assembly. The board is a compact 2.5″ x 1.4″ (64mm x 36mm) ready to fit into standard size project cases.

LED Dazzler - HL1606 LED Ribbon Controller