LED Spotlight – 24-LED Spotlight Board

LED Spotlight – DIY 24-LED Circular Board for 3mm or 5mm LEDs

LED IR Illuminator with 24 Infrared LEDs in 850nm or 940nm

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are an attractive, economical, and convenient option for lighting applications. Available in a wide variety of colors, styles, sizes, and intensities, LEDs provide inexpensive, highly efficient, low-voltage, reliable lighting solutions. Applications range from lighting in aquariums, recreational vehicles, marine & aircraft to computer case mods, under-vehicle lighting, emergency/security lighting, and accent lighting in the kitchen and around your home – the options are endless.

One challenge with LEDs is the mounting of the displays. We produce several innovative solutions, including the LED SpotLight, which holds 24 LEDs in a circular pattern on a compact 2 3/8″ (60mm) diameter jet-black board.

The 24 LEDs, wired in sets of three, each set has a current limiting resistor. A full 24 LEDs running on the board will draw a total of approximately 160mA.

The LED Spotlight can also be used with IR (Infrared LEDs). See our article on building a LED IR Illuminator.

The LED Spotlight board is available for purchase as a bare board or with IR (Infrared) LEDs.

Construction and Instruction

Construction of the LED SpotLight is incredibly simple and can be completed by the novice builder in less than 45 minutes requiring only minimal soldering skills. With twenty-four LEDs and eight resistors, this system is likely to be one of the most straightforward and satisfying kits you will ever construct.

A complete instruction manual, construction guide, and schematics for the LED Spotlight are available for download.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Board Design

The LED SpotLight is a relatively simple design PCB and can be hand-crafted by those who wish to etch their boards at home. To assist in your creation, we include four images in the PNG format of the board layout, which you can transfer to PCB material.

The four images include an overview of the PCB for component design, a board-top picture of the traces, a board-bottom image of the traces, and a final image of a drilling guide.

These are all provided for your enjoyment, and no support is provided for these.

LED Spotlight - Traced on Top of Board

Component Layout

Shows placement of the components & connections.

Download full-size
(PNG image)

LED Spotlight - Traced on Top of Board

Top Traces

Shows tracks on the component side of the PCB.

Download full-size
(PNG Image)

LED Spotlight - Traced on Bottom of Board

Bottom Traces

Shows tracks on the solder side of the PCB.

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(PNG Image)

LED Spotlight - Drilling Guide

Drilling Guide

Shows drilling guide of all holes on the PCB.

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(PNG Image)