LED Trilight: 9-inch LED Light Bar

LED Light Bar for Lighting and RGB LED Solutions

LED Trilight Board

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are an attractive, economical, and convenient option for lighting applications. LEDs are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, sizes, and intensities. They also provide for inexpensive, highly efficient, low-voltage, reliable lighting solutions. Applications range from lighting in aquariums, recreational vehicles, marine & aircraft to computer case mods. It is not uncommon to find LEDs used in under-vehicle lighting, emergency/security lighting, and accent lighting in the kitchen and around your home – the options are endless.

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One challenge with LEDs is the mounting of the displays. We produce several innovative solutions, including the LED Trilight.

The LED Trilight is a versatile mounting system that holds nine equally-spaced LEDs on a compact 9″ x .580″ (229mm x 15mm) display board. The LED Trilight supports three separate inputs. Each drives a different set of three LEDs. This allows for the placement of Red, Green, and Blue LEDs on the board. When partnered with products such as our LED Rainbow, stunning lighting effects are possible. A unique feature of the design allows for the mounting of standard 3mm or 5mm LEDs. Even Super Flux/Piranha 4-pin LEDs fit onto the board.

Below is the layout showing the mounting locations of the nine LEDs. One board using standard 5mm LEDs while the other holds 4-pin Piranha LEDs.

LED Trilight Board with 5mm LEDs Installed
LED Trilight Board with Piranha LEDs Installed

With three separate inputs on the LED Trilight, special effects can be achieved including the sequencing of LEDs and also vary the intensity using our LED Rainbow. Shown below is a sequence animation cycling through the three colors of LEDs.

LED Trilight Board with Piranha LEDs Installed Animation

Construction and User Guide

Construction of the LED Trilight is incredibly simple. Novices can complete the assembly in less than 30 minutes requiring only minimal soldering skills. With only nine LEDs and three resistors, this system is likely to be one of the simplest and most satisfying kits you will ever construct.

A complete instruction guide, which includes a construction guide and schematics for the LED Trilight is available for download.