Proto-40 – PICmicro Prototype Board

For PIC 16F877(A), 18F442, 18F452 and Others

Proto-40 - PIC Micro Prototype Board for 40-Pin PIC Micro Processors

The Proto-40 is a prototyping board for Microchip PIC-based PICmicro microcontroller products. Supported devices include most of the Microchip 40-pin devices. Devices include the PIC 16F877(A), 18F442, 18F452 and others.

On the board has a full peripheral set and a header for in-circuit programming flash devices. There is also true RS-232C serial input/output. A DB-09 connector, regulated power supply circuitry, reset circuitry, and over 700 plated-through holes on the prototype surface.

The Proto-40 is a high-quality prototype board, complete with solder masks. Plated holes along with a high-contrast silk-screen labeling component positions. Board size is a compact 3 5/8″ x 5″ (9.2cm x 12.7cm).

Designed for the experimenter. The Proto-40 provides a large area for user-designed circuits, using wire-wrap or point-to-point wiring.

Proto-40 Ordering Information

The Proto-40 prototype board is available as a bare PC board with no parts. It is available to be ordered online using our online ordering system.

Proto-40 Technical Notes

In-Circuit Programming with the WARP-13

The WARP13 PIC Micro Programmer from Newfound Electronics was one of the best programmers available. Some users have reported problems when using the ICP (In-Circuit Programmer) port of the WARP-13 with the Proto-40 board.

After some testing, we have determined that changing resistor R1 on the Proto-40 from its normal value of 1K-ohm to a value of 470ohms will allow the WARP-13 to control the programming port of the Proto-40.

Proto-40 User Guide

The Proto-40 board requires only a minimal number of components to function. The board includes connections for a DB-9 connector to allow connections to your host PC system, a regulated power supply, and a reset switch. Construction and technical details on the Proto-40 are available for download in PDF format. We also have schematics available for the Proto-40.