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Technical Notes and Reference Materials

We produce many technical documents, reference guides, application notes, and much more. As we generate new material, they will be added to our collection here.

Do you have an article or document that you think would be valuable to other visitors? If so, feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to include your work here. Don’t worry if it is not formatted; we can format your contributions to fit into the format needed to have your work published.

Red LEDs with Series Dropping Current Limiting Resistor and Battery

LED Series Dropping Resistor Calculator

Online tool to assist you in determining the optimal value of the series dropping resistor to limit the current through your LED circuit. Just input the indicated values and press the “Calculate” button.

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Online Resistor Color Code Calculator

Reading Resistor Color Codes

A resistor is one of the most common building block used in electronics circuits. Resistors are available in several shapes and sizes. This tool decodes information for all color banded resistors.

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Candle Flickering LEDs - How To Hookup and Power LEDs Which Imitate A Candle Flicker

Candle Flicker LEDs

Candle Flicker LEDs are a new generation of LEDs which incorporate a tiny microprocessor which, when power is applied, will closely mimic a real candle flame.

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10mm Color Changing LED Pinout (1200x600)

10mm Color Changing LED

Color Cycling LEDs are a very different type of LED. Each features three separate LEDs connected to a dedicated microcontroller inside of the LED. When powered, the LED will automatically perform a slow fade cycle.

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