Candle Flicker LEDs

Low-Cost LEDs Imitating A Candle Flame Flicker

Candle Flicker LEDs are a new generation of LED which incorporates a tiny microprocessor. The LEDs mimic the flickering action a real candle flame. Available in a standard 5mm size with a clear lens in either Red, Yellow, Orange or Blue flicker color.

Like other 5mm LEDs, Candle Flicker LEDs incorporate a processor. It varies the brightness, giving a “flickering” candle or flame look. These are an ideal alternative to candles in decorations and displays.

They are also very popular in art installations, small models and model train installations.

How to connect a Candle Flicker LED to a power source

Connecting a Single LED

Connecting to a Candle Flicker LED is very simple and requires only a simple dropping resistor. The resistor goes in series with the LED and power/battery to limit current to 20mA.

Each LED has two leads, an Anode (positive) and Cathode (negative). They need a Dropping Resistor to limit current to 15-20mA.

How to connect multiple Candle Flicker LEDs to a power source

Connecting Multiple LEDs

It is possible to connect many Candle Flicker LEDs to a single power supply source. Unlike other LEDs, each Candle Flicker LED must have a series dropping resistor. As the Candle Flicker LED operates, it changes the current draw through the individual LED.

A single dropping resistor for many LEDs will cause all LEDs to flicker at the same rate. The circuit support as many LEDs as required, each independently controlled.

Selecting The Dropping Resistor Value

Each Dropping Resistor is sized based on the LED model and the power supply voltage to the LED. The circuit can run from a simple pair of AA batteries in a battery pack, up to a larger 9v battery to a DC power adapter. It will run for hours (days!) on an AA battery pack.

From the chart below, select the model of Candle Flicker LED and the application voltage you wish to run it on.

This chart will determine what value and power rating of the resistor. For example, to run a Yellow Candle Flicker LED on a 9v battery, the chart indicates a 330Ω 1/4 watt resistor.

Dropping Resistor Selector For Candle Flicker LEDs